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Chapter 6: The Doctor and the dancer

At the gate of don Carlino's manor, MechaGirain came forth and was stop by the guards there. "Hold it lady. I can't let you in without words of the boss." she is of course not surprised by the guard's behavior there, after all, word has come out on her street that Kiryu is wounded and is now on a sick bed. She is very worried about him, she fears for the worst that he might be targeted for assassination while he's down. "Call Maximilen, tell him that a friend is here to visit." She replied to the guard who then walks into his guard post and use the manor's interphone. "Really sir? Yes sir. I undertstand sir. She's at the front gate. Alright sir we'll tell her. Ma'am you're in luck. Max is coming."; "Thank you." It was at that moment that Ghidorah came out to the front gate to greet MechaGirain. The golden dragon opens the gate for the female MechaGodzilla to enter, he then led MechaGirain inside to Kiryu's house inside the Carlino's family resident. "Sorry for the boys Girain. But you's Kiryu. He's not doing good. No scratch what I just said, his legs are broken. He can't move, he's stuck to his bed waiting for the bones to heal. But the doctor say that he's going to loose his legs for good." MechaGirain was shocked to hear how dire the situation was. "Can I see him?" She asked worriedly to Ghidorah. "You go ahead. I'm sure he need to see someone new." MechaGirain then came into Kiryu's room where she saw him laying on his bed, his leg was hanging. Anna was sitting next to him, waiting for him to recover. "Hey there handsome." Girain close the door behind her and came into meet him. "I didn't know that you would come to see me like this." Kiryu turn to look at her, his female version, who was now tending to his wound like a doctor and a wife all at the same time. "How is he Anna?" Girain turn to the little girl who was sitting next to her. "He won't be able to walk again. Ever will. They said that his legs are broken beyond repair." Anna's eyes are tearring, she is fighting to hold back her tears. She doesn't want to see her guardian, the closest person to be a father for her to loose his legs, crippled and confine to a wheel chair.

Girain is also terrified of Kiryu's current well being, it was no longer rumor or suspicions, it is real now. That the person she loves will loose his legs and forever stuck to a wheel chair like an old man. "I never thought that one day I'll end up like this. What a life I lead." Kiryu's sarcasm was of course not at the best of time. Girain was trying to find something that can help him, then she notices a jar of Plasmid in his cabinet, "Hello there, what do we have here?" She pick up the jar of Plasmid inside the cabinet. She examines the jar and found the real usage of Plasmid. "So you think that this thing gives you superpower?" She gave Kiryu a rather bemusing look when she examines the jar. "It's something that drives the mob to kill each other. So it has to good enough." Kiryu is a little curious at what she was doing, when he realise that Girain was extracting a dose of Plasmid with an injector then Girain proceeds to remove Kiryu's armor plates on his legs. "What are you doing miss Girain?" Anna was anxious about what Girain was going to do with Kiryu. "Don't worry Anna. He'll be fine." Girain then injects the Plasmid dose into Kiryu's leg, he retracts his claws, clencing and burrying his sharp claws into the mattress that he was lying on. "What was that for?" He asked while trying to fight back the pain that was surging through his body. "The Plasmid is actually meant to heal fractured bones and use as an advance medication. In a small dose, it helps, excessive, then it's worse than your latest shipment of Opium." Girain explained to Kiryu and he and Anna felt relieved that there is hope that Kiryu can walk again. "Looks like you own me again. Handsome." Girain winked and Kiryu felt compulsive to return the favor someday, "You got that right. As soon as I can walk again maybe I'll take you out on dinner."

As the evening approaches MechaGirain goes back to her club, tonight she have to serve as a stripper as part of her schedule performance. The owner was rather pushy with getting MechaGirain as a stripper but eventually she took up job anyway. As things turn out, she enjoys being a stripper just as much as a singer, in her changing room, she slips into her purple corset and put on her matching gloves and long body stockings but leaving her lower private spot expose. She went out to dance the night away for the patrons and please their hungry eyes. Among the crowd of various patrons and customers was the railroad baroness Megaguirus, she was looking seductively at MechaGirain as if she was inviting MechaGirain for a private show. Megaguirus pays MechaGirain a hefty sum of 5000$ to MechaGirain, the female MechaGodzilla took the money and lead Megaguirus to the VIP lounge, inside the VIP Lounge, the room was lavishly decorated with purple wallpaper and there was also a drink cabinet inside for VIP. Megaguirus sits down on a soft chair with soothing music playing. "So you finally took up his offer for this job?" says Megaguirus as MechaGirain dances up and down, around the metal pole. "Yep, you and I know that this day was coming. So how is Max?" The mention of Ghidorah's name alone makes Megaguirus growls, no surprise since she and Ghidorah were on a straining point of their relationship. "Him? God I think I'm going to kill him. All he cares about is that metal head drunken asshole." says the dragon fly in a spiteful tone. "Don't worry about him Meg. Just relax and enjoy your alone time while you still can." Says MechaGirain as she then moves to Megaguirus, MechaGirain sits on Megaguirus's laps then give the dragon fly a lapdance.

The railroad Baronness was tingling at the motion that MechaGirian was sending through her body. She felt MechaGirain's latex covered body rubbing against her bare, exposed exoskeleton like body, Megaguirus lets out soft moans as MechaGirain goes further. "Like what you see?" says MechaGirain in a sultry tone as she continues to pleasure her customer. "Hell yes. Don't stop now hon." Megaguirus wraps her appendages around Girain's waists, Megaguirus then proceeds to kiss MechaGirain passionately on the lips. Her tongue slip into Girain's mouth and found Girain's own synthetic blue tongue, she moves her tongue in a battle like manner, clashing with Girain's own tongue. This causes the Mech to moan as well as her client. "That's a good girl. No wonder why the manager reserved this job for you." Megaguirus purs as MechaGirain grind her metallic crotch against Megaguirus lower body, the dragon fly uses her appendages to massage Girain's hips, the dragon fly then moves her head in and give Girain a loving bite on her neck. The MechaGodzilla in white armor suddenly felt the dragon fly's teeth sink into her synthetic flesh, she felt her entire mechanical body was being rushed by a sensation that is indescribeable, Megaguirus was also licking Girain's neck at the same time, "Oh god...that is so...good...don't stop Meggie." MechaGirain moans and begged for more from the dragon fly. "Don't worry Girain, you'll get more than what you bargain for." Megaguirus then proceeds to hump MechaGirain's crotch more and more, the two were on high climax and MechaGirain was the first to give in.

"How much should I pay to take you home with me?" Megaguirus cooed lustfully into MechaGirain's ear, the dragon fly was being magnanimous to her favorite show girl/stripper/bestfriend who was now beaten and at the mercy of the dragon fly. "Maybe a little tale about your...endeavor with the Castagella. What do you think?" MechaGirain stroke Megaguirus's reptillian chin, she then lick her customer's exoskeleton neck. "That sounds like a fair deal to me. But I'll do it only for you and Max's sake." Megaguirus peck MechaGirain's forehead before she proceeds to explain about the mob's latest activity. First mayor Wilson was being desperate with his election campaign and the Townley loose end that hasn't been tied up because of Castagella's failed assassination attempt on her daughter Anna. Now Castagella have to fight don Carlino for influence in city politic and police department's pocket. The war between the Five Families is about to broke out over the control Plasmid trade and the Townley leak. "Looks like you paid me just right. Consider I am your for the night." MechaGirain stand up with Megaguirus and soon enough they left the club back to Megaguirus's house for some late night fun between the two.
Chapter 6: The doctor and the dancer
Some alert for viewers: This chapter contains some adult content (no spoilers) it is restricted to 18 years and older only so don't read this unless you are old enough and well aware of what's coming after. I won't clean this up because it's my choice, when I make a decision I stick to it. 
Chapter 5: Paper trail

It's been two weeks since the hitmen incident, Anna and Kiryu has, since then, moved in with the Carlino Family for protection. Kiryu would sometimes take Anna out for the park, a playground. But knowing that their lives are at stake, the goons of the mobs and bend cops can come at them at any time, they were forced to leave early for the safety of Carlino's family estate area. But there was still one naggy detail that keeps haunting Kiryu's mind. Who killed Elizabeth Townley? Was it don Castagella The Black Hand? Or was it Mayor Wilson, who was running for a second term to make up for his lacklustering first term? Whoever did it must have a plan in mind to murder Elizabeth Townley, but the still what purpose would it serve? One morning in don's Carlino's dining room, Kiryu was sitting in the corner reading the newspaper, he was still searching for a piece of the puzzle but so far all of his clues hit dead end. That was until help came in the most unexpected way. A commercial was being broadcasted on the radio next to him. "Are you tired of being underdressed at the prom? Is your dress's color horrible? Well now you can dye them all at the Henderson Coloration Shop! Available now country wide! You can finally look fabulous at any occasion, any style, any cloth, anywhere, any color! And what's best is that you don't have to waste your money on buying new clothes! It's that easy! Henderson Coloration Shop, the perfect distraction from your woes!" That was the clue that Kiryu needs!

"Distraction", it all makes sense now. Kiryu quickly race to his room and pull out the photos of don Castagella and Mayor Wilson together at the night club where MechaGirain works. Looking at the pieces of information that MechaGirain gave him, compare them with what he had already know and the hint that the radio add accidentally gave him, he had finally discover the breakthrough in the case. "So this is what they want. A distraction. Mayor Wilson wanted a case to land extra voters. And having don Castagella killed Elizabeth Townley and her daughter would make the whole town bottle into the case instead of finding out who is going to benefit the most from this incident. And I was playing the fall guy for everything." The revelation hits hard on Kiryu, this would explain why everything he had ever done in his entire life here in Atlantic City means nothing. He was nothing more than a pawn, the fall guy to take everybody's miseries instead. The down and out of luck private eye Kiryu was the perfect actor in a drama for power by mayor Wilson, the fall actor that is. Kiryu has had enough of all the years of smoking and drinking at the bar, failed arrests and other mishap. It's time to take back control of his life.

He grab the phone and dial the number of his most trusted allied, he waits for a few seconds then the conversation begins. "Hello who is this?" It was the voice that Kiryu was waiting for, Maximillien, "Max, it's me Kiryu. Listen I need you to meet me at Bill's Diner by Gerald Drive. Something just come up, I need your help on this one. I'll be there as soon as I can." Maximillien was a little confused at the sudden call from Kiryu but he does it anyway, Kiryu at that moment, grabs his M1911 pistol, and leave the estate of the Carlino's family, before he left, he promised Anna that he'll be back soon. He drove into Atlantic City, going down to the local diner that has a neon lit sign on top of it that says "Bill's Diner". Kiryu went into the diner where his best friend was waiting for him, after he enters the diner and found a gold scaled dragon with three heads sitting in the corner of the diner, the dragon was looking at Kiryu as if he was telling Kiryu to come over. The dinosaur went over to meet with the dragon, they sat down and have a little chit chat. "Long time no see Kiryu. What's with the sudden return to glory?" Ghidorah asked opening a newspaper and read it. "Have you heard about the dead district attorney Elizabeth Townley? She left her daughter in my care in the case of her death. She was onto the mob until she got too close for comfort." Kiryu began, recounting the events that has happened to him in the passed weeks. "So what does that lead to?" Ghidorah asked, continues to read his newspaper. "This is the thing. Her daughter was nearly killed by a bunch of hitmen hired by don Castagella. Then I was picked by his goons at MechaGirain's night club. It's obvious that Castagella want to tied up loose ends. But there's more to it than I thought. When I asked MechaGirain for help, she tipped me off on mayor Wilson's re-election campaign is tied to the mob's drug outbreak."

Ghidorah lower his newspapers as he begins to show interest in Kiryu's story. "You got my attention there old friend. I'm listening." Kiryu felt he was in a better situation as Ghidorah began to listen to him for real. "The mobs are in bed with Mayor Wilson. He's using the mob to cause a drug outbreak, then he'll launch a crackdown campaign to score a re-election. Elizabeth was propably going close, too close to the mayor and the mob. That's when she died. I have my suspicion on who killed her. But now I think it was the mob acting on mayor Wilson's request to distract the public. Now I need your help to hunt them down." Ghidorah took a sip of his coffee before return his attention to Kiryu. "Now that you've put it that way, you got my attention there. So what's your first shot at this, detective?"; "We're goint to find the guy who killed Elizabeth Townley. Then we'll kill him. Without the hitman, Castagella and Wilson will be cornered. Then we can move on to them." Kiryu confidently replied to Ghidorah, it was pure and simple business for Ghidorah, but a personal vendetta for Kiryu.

After exiting the diner, Kiryu and Ghidorah were driving to "Andrew Ryan Hospital", a strange place to start their investigation, but Kiryu knows exactly what to do. "So why are we going to Andrew Ryan Hospital?" Ghidorah asked as he notices the path that they were taking. "We're looking for Lt Vasquez of the city police department. Last I heard out of the precint is that he was investigating the Townley case until some goons jumped him. He narrowly escaped with his life and now is in the hospital recuperating." Kiryu explains as he drive along the road, passing through the busy streets. "Ah, and he knows something about the late district attorney that might be useful to us. Got it." Ghidorah exclaimed as he put on a smoke. Eventually they arrived at the hospital, where the staff were being busied with rushing people in and out of the hospital or the various rooms to their respective operations. That latest case of emergency was pedestrian caught in a mob's crossfire, his body was littered with bullet holes of a Tommy Gun. "Mob's latest victim?" Ghidorah asked as they go to an elevator. "Yep, you know it, I know it. The mob run the town. Anybody who doesn't pay them enough or own them a debt, well, god help that poor bastard." Kiryu said as he presses the button for the elevator to up to the fith floor. When they reached the fith floor they exited the elevator and went into the the recupirating room for Lt Vasquez.

In there Lt Vasquez was on his bed looking over some notes of his work. When he noticed Kiryu walks in, "Well looky here, so what makes you suddenly drop in to visit? Running low on guys to chew on at the precinct?" Vasquez sarcastically greeted Kiryu, Vasquez wasn't the social type, he was a grumpy, cynical, and all around pessimist. "Drop the Broadway stage audition Vasquez. You're not happy to know that at least there's someone in this god for saken town remembers your name?" Kiryu remarked Vasquez's greetings and sit down next to the inspector, Ghidorah then came into the room locking the door and make sure that their visit is safe from prying eyes of the goons. "So what can do for you detective metal head? Lately I've been hearing that you're staying with some mob boss out of town." Vasquez was always quick on the news, he knows that Kiryu has been doing something shady with an Scilian crime family. "Where I stay isn't your concern? Why? Because it at least doesn't put you in the hospital with head trauma. I heard that you were working on the Townley case before some goons jumped on you right?" Kiryu readied his pen and notebook, the metallic dinosaur sat down next to the inspector. "You got that right. I was working on the Townley case when goons from the Castagella family want to shut me up." Kiryu crossed out the first question on the notebook, he then proceeds onto the next question. "What did you find in your investigation?" Vasquez lighted up a cigar and smoke then answer Kiryu's question but he was still clueless about the purpose of Kiryu's visit. "Well what do you want to know about it? The boys from the forensic said that the clothing on the victim's body had been dyed by the Henderson Coloration Shop. Looks kinda faulty, and I'm not talking about the coloration. The Chemical for the coloration was poisonous and guess what it came from an undocumented supplier. It's untested and it's dangerous for coloration, so I would say that's what killed her."

Kiryu remembers that at the night Elizabeth died, he came over to her corpse and found the sense of chemical substance on her dead body, coloration chemical that were faulty. "Do you happens to know where did she dye her cloth?" Kiryu asked his final question to the inspector. Vasquez then pull out a piece of paper from his pillow to Kiryu, when the metallic monster look at the paper he knows what that turns out to be, "It's a receipt from the Henderson Coloration Service. 45C Bohan Drive." Kiryu read and memorize the address. "Yep, that's right. That's your best shot at finding whatever you're looking for. Now do me a favor and get down there and bark them up." Kiryu and Ghidorah were then forced to leave the grumpy Vasquez alone and go to the Coloration Service. "Some partner you have there." Ghidorah made a sarcastic comment about Vasquez. "Who says anything about him being my partner?" Kiryu remarked at Ghidorah and they both exit the hospital and back on the road. "So Kiryu, what do you think we're going to find in there? Something tells me that we're going to have to use "Special Negotiation" with the guys in there." Ghidorah said as he lock and loaded his MP40 SMG. "I would say that we're going to blow their heads up as soon as we ask them to meet their boss. But let's just leave the guns for last resort. I'll go in first, you're going to be in the back. When you hear the gun fire you're weapons free for the whole place."

They eventually got to the coloration plant that supplies the chemical compoud for various shops in town, Kiryu and Ghidorah hop off the car and told Ghidorah to wait outside while Kiryu was going in alone to question the plant manager. The cybernetic dinosaur asked a worker there who was unloading the latest shipment of chemical substance. "Where can I find the plant manager office?" said Kiryu into the worker's ear, he then pointed Kiryu to an office on the far side of the plant. "Second Floor, far side of the plant." Kiryu came to the manager office where inside, the manager was talking on the phone with someone else, when he saw Kiryu, he hastily put down the phone and greet the detective. "Hello detective. Jim Jones, manager of the Henderson Coloration Chemical Plant, what can I do for you?" The manager greeted Kiryu and offer the detective a box of cigar. "Cigar?" Kiryu simply shake his head and refuses the offer. "Anyway, what brings you here sir?" Jim Jones asked Kiryu, the dino then sat down in front of the manager, his pistol was ready under the table. "I'm here to know about your business with the Five Families. Namely, don Louie Castagella." The manager was getting nervous when he heard Kiryu was here to snoop around their business. "Well all I can say is that there is nothing here that holds your interest, sir. Rest assure that we have nothing to do with Castagella." Jones nervously replied to Kiryu as he began to reach his hand under the table to his Tommy Gun. Kiryu realised that he had reached the jackpot. He got his finger right in the pussy trigger of Castagella's empire. "One last thing, I really think that you should get your life insurance from don Carlino." Kiryu then pull the trigger of his M1911 and killed the manager right away before he can use his Tommy Gun on Kiryu. Ghidorah heard the gunshots and quickly grab his MP40 SMG from the trunk of the car and lock and loaded right away.

As for Kiryu, he was looking through the letters, transaction reports from the bank, then there was a piece of paper that got his attention, it was an order from Castagella stating that they were going to bribe the police to make sure that they don't investigate Elizabeth's death and dispose of her daughter along with Kiryu. "Just the thing I need, it's been a pleasure doing business with you." As soon as Kiryu left the manager, goons of Castagella were already at him from all sides, forcing him to take cover behind some crates. Kiryu returns fire with his Tommy Gun at a bunch of goons on the opposite catwalk. Ghidorah then smash down the entrance to the factory, he ran in and fight his way to Kiryu. "Miss me?" Ghidorah shouted from across the room. "Just get me out of here damn it!" Kiryu ran towards the stairway when a thug shot the inflameable barrels nearby and it brought the catwalk down on the ground. Kiryu fell down hard on his back, before he can even have a chance to move, the catwalk and metal beams fell down on him. Ghidorah saw Kiryu was struggling on the ground as the flame began to burn harder and harder, the golden dragon ran to his dino friend and lifted the debris with all his might. Kiryu crawls out of the debris but his legs were battered, broken and unusable. "Agh! My...leg...I...can't...move! You're going to have to carry me." Kiryu was painfully tried to get up but eventually it was Ghidorah who must carried him out to the car while the factory was burning down behind them. "Wait until Anna hear about your feet." Ghidorah put Kiryu into the car then drive back to the don Carlino's humble abdode.
Chapter 5: Paper Trail
It's been quite a while since I last post anything. So I guess I should post again to get myself back into the mood. So enjoy whatever I concocted up.


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Well my vacation was a complete fiasco from the beginning to the end. First day I got car sick then mountain altitude problems. After get into Đ Lạt, I found out that the sight and scenes of the city are actually mediocore to just right. Sure there are beautiful flowers, nice French architecture dated for more than 100 years, and king Bảo Đại's palace will knock you off your shoes (He got himself a nice palace that's more like a presidential palace). But the prices are ridiculous! It's usual here in Vietnam for prices to get heighten so more money can be supplemented from the pocket of gullible tourists. And so my vacation is far too demanding financially and physically, until all the problems of going on vacation have been solved, I will not go on another vacation.

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