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Chapter 11: Red October

Moscow, Russian Federation

October 25th, 9:20

Weather: Snowy, cloudy

Force Estimation:

+BLUFOR: 1 Tier-1 Team callsign Ghost

+OPFOR: 1 Special Operation Brigade, 1 Armored Division

Harvey's Briefing: Welcome to Moscow gentlemen. This is the most heavily guarded city for us and also one of the most turmoil city in the entire Russian Federation. The cabinet and administration of President Zyuganov is taking a heavy beating, the military is suffering desertion on all branches and they are holding onto a small strip of land stretch from St Petersburg and Moscow. The people of Moscow are rioting out on the streets and President Zyuganov is responding to it the only way he knows how, sending tanks and any troops he has left to squash the rebellions. The situation is degenerating into an all out civil war, Zyuganov is holding onto the Kremlin and the presidential palace, but anywhere else is all out fighting. According to our intel gathered on Red Ghost, today is going to be the day they launch their Coup. This is our chance to grab Red Ghost's high ranking personel, we'll take them while they are launching their coup. You'll be drop off on the roof of the Central Military Command Bureau HQ building, then you will have to fight your way down to the lower floor to grab Red Ghost's top dog, Uri Vastizov himself. As for the others either take them with you or terminate them on site with extreme prejudice. Good luck and god speed.

Chuck's Armory Update: Take a seeker mine with you to take out enemies with riot shields. That thing can roll around on its own and seek out its target then launch a trio of napalm rockets on top of the target's head.

Moscow is currently under a total lockdown, the streets are filled with angry mob and military patrols, each tries to assert itself over the other, taking advantage of the situation, Red Ghost decided to throw in all of their assets into the play. At the headquarter of the Ministry of Information and Propaganda, military forces loyal to Red Ghost decided to launch a surprise attack on the building and its security force, the T90 tank outside of the building suddenly rolls in and block the entrance of the building then rotates its barrel at the road heading toward the building, on top of the Ministry building an MI 24 flew around the windows of the building's second floor then open fire its chain gun, killing anybody inside, then the Hind hovers on the roof for the Spetsnaz troops to rappel down the gunship and storm the building. "Take control of the media control room and switch on the PA system of the city! Move it!" The Spetsnaz quickly moves down to the lower floor and make short work of anybody who are alive in there, even security troops who are also their country men, the Spetsnaz clean up the second floor's media control room in no time at all. All the workers and soldiers who were inside the office were wipe out. It was at that moment that the Red Ghost's lieutenants came into the room and begins their part of the plan. They switch on the PA systems across Moscow, then they cut off the Kremlin's emergency phone line and all other communication network, leaving the Kremlin and Red Square completely isolated. "It's done. You may begin your broadcast."

The Lieutenant moves into to make his speech to the Russian people. "Brave comrades of Mother Russia! For generations we have defended our home land from countless invaders, we have gave our motherland our blood, our strength, our youth, all for her protection! Once, Lenin promised to us that when we have overthrowned the Tsarist Regime and their lackies, we would have freedom, equality and prosperity! But none of that have ever come! We were locked in bitter struggles, paid by the blood of countless young men, generations were wasted to keep his precious Communist Part in power. Then came Stalin and his lapdogs, the generations of Communists in the year that follow didn't do any better but to make our lives worse. Our country was stagnant, frozen like ice. When the USSR collapsed we thought we would finally have what we have always wanted. But it's once again denied by our current leader, President Zyuganov, he sought to bring us back to the age of Imperialism, Communism and totalitarianism that Stalin enjoys. His incompetence is what brought us shame and defeat in Zagoria. Another generation of young men wasted for his ego! But we will have our revenge! We will rise up, we will fight and we will oust him from his office! We will be free or die trying!"

Heeding his words, the crowds of Moscow begin to march toward Red Square, holding banners, slogans high, calling for the abdication of president Zyuganov, they march toward the Kremlin, along the way, the army was dispatched to stop them, but the soldier's morale was on a wain, they refused to fire their guns at the civilians like the other days, they instead simply stand still and let the people marches through. Desperate to hold onto power, Zyuganov decided to broadcast the national anthem of the USSR on loudspeakers to raise the morale of the troops.

Soiuz nerushimyj respublik svobodnykh
Splotila naveki Velikaia Rus.
Da zdravstvuet sozdannyj volej narodov
Edinyj, moguchij Sovetskij Soiuz!

Slavsia, Otechestvo nashe svobodnoe,
Druzhby narodov nadiozhnyj oplot!
Partiia Lenina - sila narodnaia
Nas k torzhestvu kommunizma vediot!

Skvoz grozy siialo nam solntse svobody,
I Lenin velikij nam put ozaril,
Na pravoe delo on podnial narody,
Na trud i na podvigi nas vdokhnovil.

Slavsia, Otechestvo nashe svobodnoe,
Druzhby narodov nadiozhnyj oplot!
Partiia Lenina - sila narodnaia
Nas k torzhestvu kommunizma vediot!

V pobede bessmertnykh idej kommunizma
My vidim griadushchee nashej strany
I Krasnomu znameni slavnoj Otchizny
My budem vsegda bezzavetno verny!

Slavsia, Otechestvo nashe svobodnoe,
Druzhby narodov nadiozhnyj oplot!
Partiia Lenina - sila narodnaia
Nas k torzhestvu kommunizma vediot!

(Unbreakable Union of freeborn Republics,

Great Russia has welded forever to stand.
Created in struggle by will of the people,
United and mighty, our Soviet land!

Sing to the Motherland, home of the free,
Bulwark of peoples in brotherhood strong.
O Party of Lenin, the strength of the people,
To Communism's triumph lead us on!

Through tempests the sunrays of freedom have cheered us,
Along the new path where great Lenin did lead.
To a righteous cause he raised up the peoples,
Inspired them to labour and valourous deed.

Sing to the Motherland, home of the free,
Bulwark of peoples in brotherhood strong.
O Party of Lenin, the strength of the people,
To Communism's triumph lead us on!

In the victory of Communism's immortal ideal,
We see the future of our dear land.
And to her fluttering scarlet banner,
Selflessly true we always shall stand!

Sing to the Motherland, home of the free,
Bulwark of peoples in brotherhood strong.
O Party of Lenin, the strength of the people,
To Communism's triumph lead us on!)

But instead of raising the morale of the troops, he instead agitate the crowds to continues their march, holding high their slogans and shouting anti Zyuganov, anti Communism sentiments. They show neither fear nor dread to Zyuganov but they display courage, hatred, a strong conviction for freedom. The freedom that was denied from them for so many generations. As the crowd draws closer and closer to Red Square, on the sky of Moscow, an Mi-24W Hind gunship flying to the skyscrapper building of the Red Ghost, the pilot was a coyote, Pierre Depardieu, his passengers were members of the Knothole Force. "Ghost rider to Godfather come in, over."; "Godfather here, reading you loud and clear, over."; "Godfather, I'm approaching target right now, ETA is 2 minutes. What's the situation down there over?"; "Chaotic, Red Ghost just instigated an uprising by the populace, Zyuganov isn't going to get away from this one. Hostile forces at the target building are preparing for your arrival now over."; "Understood Godfather. Hey guys listen up, i'm going to light up the bad guys at the target building then you'll get in there and take the package. In and out."

In the passanger cabin, Knothole Force members were preparing their weapons for their possible final showdown, Silver loaded his SCAR-H assault rifle and check his grenade launcher attatchment, he gave Leeta a slight glance, he saw her preparing her MP5N with a Red Dog Sight. He smiles at her when she was adjusting her hair and put on her helmet. The white hedgehog started to write something new on his to-do list and reminds him to stay alive for Leeta. "Incoming SAM! Evade!" Pierre dodges an anti air missile that was flying at him, he saw dozens of infantries on the rooftop of the skyscrapper building, "Oh merde (Shit)! The Russians are dug in and they're going to let us drop on the roof, looks like i'll need to clear out the roof first." Pierre dives into the fray and fire his rockets at the roof, blowing up the Russians to kingdom come, then he circles around and unleash a hail of bullets at the Russian Spetsnaz who were on the roof, at the same time, he can still retain his cool to sing La Marseillaise.

"Allons enfants de la patrie, Le jour de gloire est arrivé! Contre nous de la tyrannieL'etendard sanglant est levé! (bis)Entendez-vous dans les campagnes,Mugir ces féroces soldats?Ils viennent jusque dans nos brasÉgorger nos fils, nos compagnes! Refrain Aux armes, citoyens! Formez vos bataillons! Marchons! Marchons! Qu'un sang impur Abreuve nos sillons! Amour sacré de la patrie, Conduis, soutiens nos bras vengeurs! Liberté, Liberté cherie, Combats avec tes défenseurs! (bis) Sous nos drapeaux, que la victoire Accoure à tes mâles accents! Que tes ennemis expirants Voient ton triomphe et notre gloire! Refrain Nous entrerons dans la carrière Quand nos aînés n'y seront plus; Nous y trouverons leur poussière Et la trace de leurs vertus. Bien moins jaloux de leur survivre Que de partager leur cercueil, Nous aurons le sublime orgueil De les venger ou de les suivre! Refrain"

( Arise children of the fatherland! The day of glory has arrived! Against us tyranny's Bloody standard is raised Listen to the sound in the fields The howling of these fearsome soldiers They are coming into our midst To cut the throats of your sons and consorts To arms citizens Form your battalions March, march Let impure blood Water our furrows What do they want this horde of slaves Of traitors and conspiratorial kings? For whom these vile chains These long-prepared irons? Frenchmen, for us, ah! What outrage What methods must be taken? It is us they dare plan To return to the old slavery! What! These foreign cohorts! They would make laws in our courts! What! These mercenary phalanxes Would cut down our warrior sons Good Lord! By chained hands Our brow would yield under the yoke The vile despots would have themselves be The masters of destiny Tremble, tyrants and traitors The shame of all good men Tremble! Your parricidal schemes Will receive their just reward Against you we are all soldiers If they fall, our young heros France will bear new ones Ready to join the fight against you Frenchmen, as magnanimous warriors Bear or hold back your blows Spare these sad victims That they regret taking up arms against us But not these bloody despots These accomplices of Bouillé All these tigers who pitilessly Ripped out their mothers' wombs We too shall enlist When our elders' time has come To add to the list of deeds Inscribed upon their tombs We are much less jealous of surviving them Than of sharing their coffins We shall have the sublime pride Of avenging or joining them Drive on sacred patriotism Support our avenging arms Liberty, cherished liberty Join the struggle with your defenders Under our flags, let victory Hurry to your manly tone So that in death your enemies See your triumph and our glory!)

He lay waste to all hostile troops on the roof, but then a convoy of BMP-2 and two BTR-90 ran to the front entrance of the building, Pierre flew around then fired ATGM missiles at the vehicles, neutralizing the convoy almost immediately. "Ghost Rider this is Godfather we got a situation development."; "What is it Godfather?"; "Radio chatter indicates that Red Ghost is moving to the metro underneath the building your new LZ is the street in front of the building."; "Copy that Godfather. Going there now." Pierre then hovers his Mi-24W on the streets in front of the building, Knothole Force members quickly fast rope down the gunship and move into the building's front entrance. "Clear the ground floor! Secure the package as soon as you see him!" Silver and his team move into the main hall of the building where, Spetsnaz, VDV and Red Ghost elite troops were waiting for them, the enemy fires back at them, the machine gunners keep the team pinned down behind covers, while then Riot Shielders were coming in line follow by their other comrades. "Damn it! Deploy Seeker Mine!" Metal Sonic roll out the Seeker Mine then automatically roll over to the enemies, it then fires three napalm missiles on top of their heads. The missiles burn its targets, spreading fear and panic among their ranks, Silver then threw up a Flashbang, it blinded them with a flash and disorient them with a bang. "Move up! Go go go!" Silver and his team moves up and assault the enemies, it was at that moment that Uri Vastizov was running down to the metro underneath the building, his men were accompanying him. "There he is! He's going for the Metro! Stop him!" Leeta spotted Uri who was being shielded by his men. The Spetsnaz Alpha Group Operators were conducting a tactical retreat while Knothole Force was hunting them down through out the ground floor, the team push their way up an escelator and through a cafe.

"How is the situation at Red Square?" Uri asked one of his lieutenant. "Everything is proceeding as plan. The people are going into the Kremlin as we speak and our men have taken control of other goverment institutions in the downtown area. President Zyuganov and his cabinet have nowhere to run."; "Good we just need to play hide and seek with our friends just a little longer and it should be just like how we have planned." Uri and his lieutenant ran to the command and control room in the more secretive part of the Metro, there Uri was monitoring the situation at Red Square using CCTV cameras. The people of Russia were storming through the barricades of the army, the troops there were given orders not to fire on the masses so as to avoid instigating an all out civil war, they simply stand and watch as the people marches into the Kremlin and take President Zyuganov down for all the things he did to woo his ego. "Finally, after so many decades of lies and hypercrites, we've finally achieved what we always wanted. Freedom." Uri began to shed tears at the sight of his grand plan finally coming together after more than 25 years of careful planning, waiting for a moment to strike. He couldn't have been more proud of his men who were loyal to him from the beginning to the end. They follow him not out of fear but because he trusted them and treat them like his own son, and in turn they would gladly follow him to the darkes canyons. At that moment, the Knothole Force was done fighting through the Spetsnaz and VDV troops at the station, they came down to the service tunnel and finally, they were at the doors of the C2 room. They stacked up on the two doors, Silver signals his teammates to plant explosive charges on the door, and at the exact moment of his signal, they blew up the doors and hit the room, they gunned down all of the Russians who were in the room, leaving only Uri Vastizov who was sitting at his desk waiting for them to take him in.

"I've conceited the game, you will take me to your commander. And don't try to smug your victory over me. I didn't want to win, I just want revenge." Uri confidently let himself tied up by Leet Wolf, then they led him out of the building into their Hind. Along the way, there was no resistance from any of his men or the other Russian troops. They all simply stand aside and let them leave, even the armored forces decided to stand down and let it all come to a close. "Why are they letting us go? Aren't they suppose to stop us and protect you?" Silver asked Uri who was walking along side Silver. "Nyet (no). Their mission isn't my protection. It's just buying time for the masses to win their struggle. I'm merely a tool, a tool for the masses to use. And these men, their mission is completed, they can now go home, the Red Ghosts is gone, self destructed right after the people have taken controlled of the Kremlin. That is our goal, destroy the remnants of the USSR then disappear from existence for good. So that our shadow would not obstruct the people's path to a new future." They flew him out of Moscow and back to the airfield of Smolensk, where Harvey Who, an old acquaintance of Uri was waiting for them. As the Hind landed, the owl saw Uri steps out of the bird, flanked by Knothole Force, "Tovarich Harvey Who. (Comrade Harvey Who) It's been a long time. I thought that we would never see each other again." Uri wasn't afraid, he wasn't scared of Harvey, in fact Uri was glad to see Harvey again, he gave Harvey a smile without malice. "What makes you think I would give you mercy behind bars?" Harvey was sterned at Uri and the owl was worried that the witty old fox Vastizov could have a trick up his sleeve.

"Mercy? (Chuckle) You must be mistaking Harvey. I don't need mercy at all. I have no need for prison sentences. I just want you to give me one thing. One very simple thing, death, peace, freedom from life." Uri gave Harvey his Makarov pistol, and make gestures to Harvey in a motion of shoot Uri in the head. "We both know what we have done in our younger days. You were escaping from the USSR along with the documents of Soviet Double Agents in your country. I was supposed to stop you. But in the midst of our crossfire, the woman we both love, Natasha Ludovka, she died because of two men fighting for the ego of their countries. And I was the one who fire the shot. So now, you've had your chance for revenge. So do it. Kill me now and be done with it." Harvey was aiming the Makarov at Uri's head but the owl's confident seems to have faded away, he doesn't have the killer look in his eyes anymore. He hesitated, he didn't want to pull the trigger. "Yes, you need it, not the killing. Not the payback, but the peace, it's what you need." Finally after pulling himself together, Harvey forced his fingers to pull the trigger and kill Uri on the spot. The KGB chairman was dead, along with his legacy, it was neither good nor evil, but it was a long path of redemption. Perhaps only god can judge him.

Two days later back in New Mobotropolis, Harvey was sitting on a bench in the park, the cold air of autumn was leaving the kingdom, winter was coming soon, he thought that he was going to be alone the whole day, but then, an old friend came to him, the king himself, Elias Acorn. "So, it's over right? Red Ghost is nothing but dust in the wind now." Elias sits down next to Harvey, "No Elias, in fact i think that this is the beginning. At first I thought that we hunt Red Ghost for what they did to us. The bombing of the border checkpoint, the manipulation of the war in Zagoria. But now I'm not so sure of what we were doing anymore. I thought i know what i'm going to do to Uri when i meet him. But now, I just don't know what did i just do anymore. Everything i did, was for Uri to have his peace. I did him a favor and that's the only thing i know."; "Do you think that we won't have any enemy anymore? The world's greatest Nuclear superpower is gone, reduce to ashes by its own disgruntled people. Do you think we will finally have peace?" Elias asked Harvey for wisdom, the old owl look at his reflection in the pond and he knows that the answer to Elias's question was certantly a "No". "I wouldn't say that if i were you. One enemy falls, another will rise to replace them. I don't think that we will have peace at all. This age is an age of international Terrorism, border conflicts fueled by Nationalism, manipulative information. Knothole Force would still be needed to protect this kingdom from any and all enemies around the world."
Medal of Acorn Red Ghost: Chapter 11
This is where it all ends. This is where everything come to a close, the mother of all battle, the dawn of victory comes as the great showdown begins.
Chapter 10: Blitzkriege

The Town of Yazhylynskoye, Zagoria

October 1st, 7:40

Grid: 09877326578

Weather: Clear

Force Estimation:

+BLUFOR: 1 Tier-1 team callsign Ghost, 1 armored assault battlegroup

+Independent: 1 Mechanized Division

+OPFOR: 2 Mechanized Battalion, 1 Infantry Division

Harvey's briefing: This is it! We've made the Russian's staying here hell and now we have enough force to drive them out of Zagoria for good. Right now most of the Russian have been gathered at the beach to stop an invasion force of the Coalition, this gives us an opportunity to attack their main field Headquarter at the town of Yazhylynskoye, we need to take that command and control trailer. That will throw the Russian into total disarray, the invasion will be saved a lot of lives if we do this right. If this goes smoothly, the Russian will be screaming for the removal of the current regime and that's our chance to get Red Ghost in Russia. To do this you'll lead the assault, you'll take command of a T64 platoon and lead the way, you'll be supported by air support, artillery and any auxiliaries that we have.

Petrenko's Intel: We managed to put together a formidable and sizeable force to take on an entire Russian Mechanized division, some of our men have manage to captured an enemy airfield. We got some air support for you and that includes gunships and tactical bombers. They are only available in limited numbers so use them wisely.

The day of liberation has finally come, while the Russian were reeling from the destruction of most of their forces in Eurish and in Zagoria, their enemies have bided their times well, their armies and organized, well trained, equipped and are well supplied. With a host of formidable foes like this, Russia can not win a war where they are being attacked on all sides. Out at sea, the Kingdom of Acorn's Navy has sent their 4th fleet to conduct an amphibious assault operation on the Russian forces in Zagoria, on the amphibious assault ship, Sally Acorn and her team were preparing for the worst possible moments that they might come across. Tails was promoted to Seargent, making him the team's second in command. He was putting on his uniforms, battle armor and loaded his rifle. "So what's the plan today Sal?" Bunnie Rabbot asked her friend and leader, "The plan is that we'll hit the beach with the German's 7th Panzergrenadier Division and clear the beach. We'll then move to the town of Yazhylynskoye and take it that will disrupt the Russian's ability to coordinate their ground forces." Sally explained the combat plan in detail and points at the map at the same time. Just then a person came down to the hanger, it was General Amadeus Prower, the father of Sgt Prower. "Sir?"

The team along with other troops and technicians in the hanger stop what they were doing in all of a sudden and salute the General. "At ease men. May I have a word in private with Sgt Miles?" Tails then step out of the bunch and walk with his father for a moment. "Miles you know that your mother and I are really worried about you. You sure that you want to go?" Amadeus look at his son's eyes, he can tell that his son's symptons of PTSD has subsided somewhat, but there was still the Thousand Yard Stare in the two tailed fox's eyes. "It's the only place I feel like I can do something. A place where I know my role. You don't have to worried about me, I can take care of myself out there. But thanks for your concern dad. Tell mom that I love her too." Tails gave his father a hug and pat him on the back, "But what if I loose you? You're the only son I've ever had." Tails was silent when he heard that question. But he was willing to take the risk for his friends so their families back home won't go through the same thing like him. "That's the risk I have to take dad." Tails then turn around to come back to his friends, they were loading up on the amphibious AAVP. Amadeus went back to his command and control room, wiping off the tears on from his eyes when he saw himself unable to bring his son back home safely and put some other kid in his place. But his son is out there, right now and he must deal with it. The best thing that he can do right now is to make sure that his son is protected by the best fighting formation he can muster.

When all the troops are loaded onto their transports, the hanger of their ship opens the water came in and fill up the hanger for the landing force to be deployed. "Men, this is a moment of truth, we've been waiting for this moment for a long time. For months, the Russians have been butchering the people of Zagoria, they torned the country apart and buried the population under their hatreds. They flood these people's villages with rivers of blood, they submit the peasants at gunpoints. But today, we'll see how will they fair against those who are as good as them. God speed all of you." When the greenlight in the hanger turns on, the landing force spring out like a coil spring set free from force that holds it back. From the allied fleet, hovercrafts and amphibious vehicles brought man and machine ashore. Above them, cruise missiles and aircrafts flies overhead and seek out their targets in land. The cruise missiles destroy bunkers and fortifications, while then bombers went for the armor targets. As the Russian defenses began to crumble at the wake of the massive attacks, when the troops of the coalition landed onto shores, the German Leopard 2 tanks and Panzergrenadiers began to storm the Russian's position, slowly driving them back, moving with them was Sally's squad who were leading the way deep behind enemy lines. But while the Russian's draftees were dying at the beach and nearby villages, two miles away from the beach to the east, the Russian's elite armored forces were kept behind to ensure that they can still deploy an effective counter attack, little do they know however is that NAPA partisan have set them up for a surprise assault.

From within the forest, comes the tanks of the partisan, T64s of the latest types, armed with the deadliest weapons and led by the finest commander there is, the NAPA forces that laid in wait in the forest begins their assault on the Russian garrison. "Tiger Actual to all callsigns on this net, give me a SITREP, over." Silver begins to check in on his comrades via the tank's radio, "Tiger 2-2 here we are armed and ready. Just give us a target over."; "This is Werewolf, my men are in position near the town, once you give the word we'll take it by force!"; "Vulture 6 here, we are loaded and ready for bears save some action for us over." Silver knows that his troops are all ready, he gave the order to strike like a snake from the grass, the armored force under his command roll out and strike hard at the Russian's T90 tanks. "T90s at 12 o' clock low!" Silver called out target to Shard who then operates the tank's turret auto loading system, "SABOT up! Target's in my sight!"; "Gunner send!"; "On the way!" Shard fires the SABOT at the Russian's better tank, which damaged the T90 but not a knockout blow, the T90 swings its turret around to greet the partisan, but suddenly it was blow up by another T64. "Good shot comrades! Now let's see if their tanks can run with vodka!" The armored forces of NAPA begin to surround the town of Yazhynlyskoye, the Russian decided to hastily deploy their elite T90 battalion to fight back the attackers. "Here they comes! Pick your targets and take them out with your partner. Remember, aim the treads, turrets and the rear of the tank." Silver reminded his troops as they roll in and face the T90s head on, Silver and his tank quickly saw a T90 that was about to fire its 125mm main gun at them, he made a split second decision to save his tank. "T90 at 11 o' clock. Pop smoke!" Shard heeded Silver's command and launch a smoke screen to blind the enemy tank, who fired a shot at them, the round miss and hit an allied tank instead, destroying its reactive armor. "Tiger 2-2 report!"; "Tiger 2-2 here, we are hit but still operational, over!"; "Alright 2-2 let's hit them back!" Shard fires a shot at the T90 and it temporaly knockout the crew inside, Tiger 2-2 follow up with another and it destroys the T90's damaged hull.

"Keep pushing! We need to take this town right now!" Silver calls out to his troops who were encircling the town, their tanks and IFVs were engaging the Russian's vehicles, their infantries were clearing the town, one house after another, room to room, building after building, one Russian invader at a time. As the final Russian soldier fell to the ground and limb, NAPA partisan hung their flag high at the town square declaring their victory over the Russian invader. "This is Slingshot to all combat units! We're receiving reports from all over the country that the Russian and disengaging and are either surrendering and ask for safe passage back into Russia! Good job men! We've won!" The troops cheers at the news of victory, they flowers into the air and holds their hats high, bottles of whine were brought out for celebration, for NAPA their mission is finally accomplished, their invaders have laid down their arms and capitulated. But for Silver and his team, this victory was just one step closer to Red Ghost, the true force behind the conflict. Silver and his team took their time to search around the town for important documents, military orders and other valuable piece of intel, eventually when they came to a small saloon in the town, they came across the corpse of a high ranking Russian officer, he was a Colonel in the Russian army, but there was something else that he brought on him, "Let's see what's underneath his uniform." When Leeta strip his uniform off, they saw tattoo of the Grim Reaper holding the sickle of death looming over the Kremlin. "This must be one of Red Ghost's operative in the region. Look at this, folder for his orders in the field." Leeta opens the folder for field orders to the Colonel and his men, her friends were all looking at the folder and they were all amazed at how much Red Ghost have done to prepare the debacle that they have exacted on the Russian.

"Vastizov ordered his sleeper cells to leak intel for us so we can beat up the Russian. Now that the Russian have been humiliated in their own backyard, Uri and his men finally have the opportunity to overthrow the Russian Goverment. But what are they planning to do after that?" Silver pondered over the information his team recovered. But his answer will come soon enough. Miles away from the battlefield, in Moscow, at a skyscrapper building built for high ranking military official, the new HQ for the Central Military Command Bureau, there was a man, in his late 60s, he was wearring the uniform of a chairman of the KGB, complete with the cap and badge, he was wearring a pair of spectacles to hide his eyes from everyone else. Alone in his office, he sits and wait for a phone call. Then his phone rang, he pick it up and answer it. "Da (Yes), Chairman Uri Vastizov here. Really Tovarish (Comrade)? Good our time has come at last. Now that the army has been beaten in Eurish and in Zagoria, President Zyuganov won't stand a chance when we launch Operation Red Terror. What? Our guest's interventions would cause the downfall of the operation? Nyet (no) that won't happen, i just need you to hold them back long enough to get the operation going smoothly. That is all Comrade Dimitri." Uri put his phone down then dial the number of one of his colleague for a final preparation of Operation Red Terror. "General Galinsky? It's me, comrade Vastizov, listen, i want you to put a detatchment of your troops at the HQ of the Ministry of Information and Propaganda as soon as possible. Tell the men to bring along armor and Spetsnaz (Special Forces) to take the building as soon as i give the go. Thank you Galinsky, and good luck to you, too. Comrade Galinsky." Vastizov put his phone down and took a deep breath. Looking out of his window, he saw Moscow at night, it was beautiful, like a gem glowing in a dark forest, for Uri, he has been in love with the city for as long as he can remember. But when he remembers the days of the Soviet Union, he felt disgusted at this city.

When he was younger, he was enthusiastic, he was an idealist. Naive and gullible, he was willing to devote his life to the Communist ideals, but as he grows up, he soon learn an ugly reality. The so called "Perfect and equal" society of the Soviet Union was no better than the West's so called "Oppressive" Society, or in some cases even worse. He remembers how he was able to get into the most privildged university of Moscow and then to other high ranking positions in the military and finally, the KGB itself, he was borned into the right social-political background. With the right background he can get into anywhere because his family was favored by the party. To him, this was corruption of the highest level, only anybody who worship the party can live the high life but everyone else are left out of the social safety net. To make matters worse, Uri was forced to do things he felt that only a sadist would do, he was forced to torture, kidnap, execute or even deprive his country men of their citizenship if they speak out against the party. He was disenchanted with the Utopia dream of Communism, when the Soviet Union collapsed, he was being throwed around along with his comrades like tools so that the incompetent fools and cowards in power can stay in power. But now he is back with a vengeance and he was going to make sure that it's going to be like how he wanted. No matter what.
Medal of Acorn Red Ghost: Chapter 10
Finally, the end is near, one more chapter and I'm done with this story for good.


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Well my vacation was a complete fiasco from the beginning to the end. First day I got car sick then mountain altitude problems. After get into Đ Lạt, I found out that the sight and scenes of the city are actually mediocore to just right. Sure there are beautiful flowers, nice French architecture dated for more than 100 years, and king Bảo Đại's palace will knock you off your shoes (He got himself a nice palace that's more like a presidential palace). But the prices are ridiculous! It's usual here in Vietnam for prices to get heighten so more money can be supplemented from the pocket of gullible tourists. And so my vacation is far too demanding financially and physically, until all the problems of going on vacation have been solved, I will not go on another vacation.

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