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Chapter 8: Exit Strategy

The woods outside the town Tovokamov, Zagoria

September 15th, 4:30 AM

Grid: 093457128954

Situation: Voluntarily stay behind enemy lines to fight the Russian occupiers, Knothole Force Tier-1 team callsign Ghost plan to make hell for the Russian forces occupying Zagoria with NAPA guerrilla fighters.

Weather: Cloudy, rain

Force Estimation:

+BLUFOR: 1 Tier-1 team callsign Ghost

+Independent: 2 infantry companies with Mortar supports

+OPFOR: 1 Motorized Infantry Battalion, 2 MI 24V Hind gunships

Harvey's briefing: The Russian goverment's declaration of "Welcoming" the Democratic Republic of Zagoria into the Russian Federation has caused uproars through out the world. The Zagorian goverment in exile has issued a strong objection from their office in Geneva, Switzerland condemming the Russian act of aggression. The Kingdom of Acorn, the United Federation and the UN has condemmed the invasion as an act of aggressive imperialism. That means they'll be back, with larger force for a full scale war with the Russian. For now we need to lay the ground work, your mission is to work with NAPA partisan fighters and wreck havoc on the Russian as much as possible. First we need to know what the Russians are doing in the country, your job tonight is to captured a Russian high ranking military officer named Major Colonel Vitaly Kharokov. He's traveling on a convoy to inspect a military camp outside the town Tovokamov, the plan is that NAPA fighters will harrass the camp with mortars and sniper fires while you ambush and stop the convoy. Make sure that you watch your fire, we need the colonel alive as HUMINT. Once you captured the colonel, make your way through the wood back to the extraction point where the partisans will help you back to their camp.

Petrenko's Intel: My men will harrass the camp with mortar shells and sniper fires, their callsign is Black Wolf. We have a very limited amount of shell to harrass the Russian main forces in the camp. So you will have to spring the ambush very fast grab the target and run as fast as you can back to the extraction point. However we've also learned that the enemy has deployed their helicopter squadron into this area as a Quick Reaction Force. Expect gunship sweeps and Spetsnaz commando to be mobilized once the alarm is sound.

As Silver leads his team through the forrest in the dead of night, he keeps his communication with NAPA fighters who were not far from him, they were preparing for a supprise assault on a nearby Russian encampment. "Ghost leader to Slingshot come in over." Silver contacted the NAPA commander with his radio equipment, "Ghost, this is Slingshot. My men are in position, mortar team is set, what's your status over?" Meanwhile back to Silver, he and his teammates were setting up land mines and arc of fires with some other NAPA teams. "Setting up the ambush now sir. What's the ETA on the convoy over?"; "Convoy is about 3 minutes out now. I suggest you hurry and set up that ambush. We'll fire on your go."; "Roger that, we're setting up the jammer too so the Russian won't be able to call their pals here." Silver gave Metal Sonic a hand signal to set up the radio jammer, Metal Sonic quickly assembled the radio jammer in his position, ready up the device with frequency lock on to Russian's communication frequency and active range. "Jammer set. Getting into position now." Metal Sonic then stay low on the ground, laying low with his XM25 ready to lay down heavy fire support.

Silver and his teammates quickly get into their respective positions, ready up their weapons and wait for their guests to arrive. "Slingshot this is Ghost leader, we're set and good to go. Repeat, we are set and good to go over."; "Good copy Ghost, we are going to shell the base in a few moments. Just make sure you grab the target and get out quick." Just at that moment, sounds of mortar fire and explosions begin to take hold of the area, the ground rumbles, the fire was burning anything it touches, Russian troops in their camp were screaming, howling, falling left and right as they seek shelters from the mortar attack, first their barracks were hit with two mortar shells and exploded, concretes and debris flying all over the place, then their armory was hit and exploded with a large "boom", "Ghost this is Slingshot, we have good effect on target, the Russian are in disarray and they're trying to call for help. What about you over?" Meanwhile at Silver's location, the convoy was coming in, still unaware of what was happening they were trying to call their comrades but to no avail, all they can hear on their radio was static sound. Suddenly their vehicles started to blow up one after another. The convoy stop immediately, their troops disembark and ready their weapons.

During the chaos and confusion, they were suddenly ambush by their guerrilla foes, the NAPA fighters. The Russian were being slaughtered by partisans hiding on both sides of the road, unable to keep their formations they were quickly gunned down to the last man, the only survivor was the high ranking officer who was lucky to stay out of the line of fire. He was soon discovered by Silver and his teammates who then tied his hands and put a bag on his head and begins to move back to their extraction site. "Slingshot, this is Ghost Leader, be advised. We've captured the target. Repeat major Kharokov is in our hand. We're taking him back to the extraction point now over."; "Good copy Ghost, outstanding work, we are withdrawing from the combat zone to our camp now. Be advised, we were able to pick up Russian radio traffics, they're mobilizing a QRF strike force to hunt us down. Expect Spetsnaz and gunships like you said over."; "Solid copy Slingshot we'll keep an eye out for them out. Come on guys we need to get the hell out of here before the Russian catch up with us move!"

Silver and his team rush through the forrest and suddenly they heard the sound of fear buzzing above. They look up and saw spotlights mounted on an MI 24V gunship, it was flying low above the forrest, finding a location to land, obviously to drop Russian Spetsnaz down to hunt down the NAPA fighters. "Shit! Looks like they're faster than we thought. We need to keep moving. Avoid contacts at all times." Silver signals his teammates to keep low, they hit the dirt and crawl to hide from the Hind's thermal sights. Then another MI 17 was flying over head and it starts to rope down Spetsnaz commando to hunt the NAPA fighters on the ground. "Looks like we have to break silence, Metal Sonic, you aim for that MI 17 with the M25. You ready?"; "On your go." Metal Sonic aims the XM25 grenade launcher's trajectory at the transport helicopter's cargo hold and as Silver gives the go ahead for his teammates, they fire their weapons and caught the Russian elite troops unaware, Metal Sonic fires a precision shot and brought down the MI 17 crashing down into the forrest. The Spetsnaz were equally caught off guard as their men were mowed down all too quickly to react, the pilots and gunner of the MI 24 turned their gunship back and fired salvoes of rocket against their enemies on the ground.

"Incoming!" Shard scream at the MI 24's barrage, he duck down to the ground with his friends and barrage inflicted massive damages to the forrest, knocking down trees, creating craters and not only that but killing more than half of the NAPA fighters who were following Silver's team. "Goddamn it! God fucking damn it! Fuck you Russian drunk pigs! Die!" Shard madly fire his CZ85 assault rifle at the Hind but the gunship's was like a flying crocodile, its armor was too tough to handle. "Fuck it! We can't take that thing with these pussy ass pea shooters. Larry, you think you can use your jinx on that thing?" Shard shouted to his Lynx companion, who was thinking his mind to the max to cause some sort of bad luck to the Hind, but instead exploding magazines for its nose canon, or failed engine or some other forms of bad luck, Larry causes something miraculous to happen. Larry found an SA 18 AA missile launcher, "Hey look! We got the thing we need! Help me with this Shard!" Larry loaded the missile launcher, and Shard was baiting the Hind to come back for round two. The Hind swung around and flies in, its nose was heading down and its gunner was ready to mop up. Suddenly, Larry launches his heat seeking missile and it slammed into the gunship's engine, inflicting critical damage to the helo as it crashed down into the forrest and exploded into a huge burning wreck.

"Slingshot this is Ghost Leader, be advised. We just took down an enemy helo, moving back to the extraction point now. What's your status, over?"; "Ghost Leader this is Slingshot, we are moving to an alternate base camp at grid Alpha-1 Golf-6. Our original base camp have been relocated there when we heard that the Russian were mounting Search and Destroy operation in the AO. Double back pronto over." Commander Petrenko and his men were driving like there's no tomorrow to their new base camp, their original encampment in the wood was packed up and moved away to avoid Russian Search and Destroy strikes. Their tents, supplies and other vital neccessities were all packed up into crates and loaded into trucks and technicals and runaway as fast as they can into the dead of night. Meanwhile Silver and his teammates have just arrived at the extraction point and were on the trucks being drove back to their new encampment. "Lights off Dimitri. We need to make sure Russian gunships doesn't see us." Silver reminded the drivers of their trucks, the headlights of the trucks were then turned off and the trucks continues their journey completely in the dark. For some reasons, the returning trip was rather quiet, almost too quiet. They expected roadblocks, armed patrols, choppers buzzing overhead but nothing happens. There wasn't any oppositions on the road. And so they came back to their new camp, at an old abandonned industrial complex. A good place to hide as the place was rather secluded, with hangers to hide vehicles, heavy machineries to repair their equimpents and producing better weapons, that is if they can refurbished these gives.

"Commander Petrenko, target is in the house." Silver presented Major Kharokov to commander Petrenko, the NAPA partisan were thrilled to know that their high stakes has paid off, not only have they scored a huge amount of damage on the Russian's garrison in the area but also their enemy's intel is now in their hands. "You truly are the master of warfare my friends. Harvey would be most pleased to know this. Now then Russian pig, what are your so called "Comrades" are planning now?" Petrenko begins to interrogate Kharokov who was tied to a chair inside the factory. Shard notices on the major's neck, there were tattoes of the St Basil church, a red skull with black hammer and sickle symbol on its forehead. "Wait, what's that tats on you? You don't look like one of those grunts." Major Kharokov chuckles when he heard Shard's assessment, it then bursts into a laugh. "That's right. I'm not one of those kids who think they're soldiers. Chairman Uri Vastizov was correct when he said that you were going to get him no matter the cost. Even if it leads to World War III or even Four. Well guess what kids, play time is over, we are the Red Ghosts. We've passed the phase one, now is phase two. Uri will let you win this fight, it will be a defeat so humiliating for the current Russian goverment that the people will no longer be contend with their leader. Then we will have our revenge on our leaders, arrogant, headstrong fools who used us like tools in the Cold War, treat us like scapegoats so they can escape the Hague scot free. But no more. When the people rock them out of the Kremlin, we will hunt them down and finish them off, one after another." Kharokov's tone began to grow stern as he continues his confession, he doesn't feel guilt, but rather joy or even freedom even in captivity. He show them all the positions of Russian troops, force compositions, strength and numbers.

"So you're willing to let some of your pals die just so you guys can have a pay back at your old bosses? Cold as ice." Leeta commented on Kharokov's action and decision, she felt somewhat a strong hatred toward major Kharokov but at the same time, she was questioning Red Ghosts very own sense patriotism or in any case, their moral sensibility, letting their comrades die in a needless war, destroy their own country's pride and dignity, send it into another time of instability and chaos just to be borned a new. It's a decision that only a dead man would make, cold, haunting and chill like ice on one's spine. Their whole plan was the touch of dead man on the living people who betrayed in their last life.
Medal of Acorn Red Ghost: Chapter 8
After a long break from writing and activities, i'm back in business. I want to finish writing my Sonic military, political fiction as soon as possible, and by the way, this story is inspired by the real life Ukrainian Crisis at the moment. Hope the Russkies in the Ukraine withdraw soon and give the Crimea penisula back to Kiev. 
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(Contains: ideologically sensitive material)
You guys know what? I can't take this anymore, i really, really can't take this anymore. All over the internet people just whined about things like American Imperialist or praising things like destroy Israel, liberate Jerusalem from the Jews something like that. But you know what, i'm gonna give you guys a straight answer to why the shouters of those phrases are so dumb and paranoid. Because they're jealous! Jealous of America having a better average living standard than the other third world countries, jealous about the US's wealth and not only that, they're jealous about the Jews being the most intelligent people on the planet, the average Jews has an IQ of 110 while a normal person's IQ is 100. That means the Jews are slightly smarter than us, and their vast knowledge about a lot matters like mathematics, astronomy, philosophy, economy or even military is the reason why Israel is such a powerful nation in the Middle East while then the Muslim Wahhabists are whining that they can't catch up with the Israelis in anything, then use some oh so noble excuses to justify their demand for exterminating Jews people everywhere.

Not only the Arabs have an immortal hatred toward the Jews for reasons we don't need to remind because we have already known, but the Communist and Nazis all hating Israel as well for no particular reasons that can be called understandable or even tolerable at all. The Commies hate Israel not because its an allied to the US but that's because their ironic god, Karl Marx hate the Jews (Karl Marx is a Jewish German which is pretty ironic), Lenin and Stalin hate the Jews. The Nazis hate the Jews because Hitler their bossman said so. Seriously this jealousy must come to an end because if its persists then the Middle East won't have any peace or stability in the conceivable future. But first we need go back in time. To when you may ask? To the days of Gamal Abdel Nasser of course! The day of Arab Nationalism! Hooray! Back in the 50s and 60s the Arabs everywhere were really happy to have Gamal Abdel Nasser as a sort of like Salah Al Din of the modern day to unite them in a great Pan Arab nation that's secular, socialist and strong. That was until that dream came to a smashing end during the Six Days War between Israel and its Arab neighbors like Egypt, Syria, Jordan, and some other Arab countries who wants to fight Israel.

But i want to ask you guys something, who started this war? The answer is neither side started this war. No one wants it because to the Israelis if they had started it, they would have been dead. To the Arab if they started the war then Israel would have an even better excuse to fight like they have never fight before. That's when the real show started steps in. The USSR.……

From these documents we can see that the USSR is the real winner of the Six days war that mired the region in decades of occupation, warfare and violence. Why? Because either Israel win or not the Russian can either tied up their relationship with the Arab states as in more dependent on Soviet military exports, or expand their grip of influences in the oil rich Middle East. Back when Israel and Syria were clashing each other over the Golan Height, Israeli Prime Minister Levi Eskol made a speech about the matter. "I hope our northern neighbor would think twice before the entangled themselves in a nasty adventure, which we can not ignore." And then the Soviet took it as a sort of aggression speech. (The paranoid commies of Leonid Brezhnev). When Anwar Sadat went to Moscow and meet his Russian pals the Soviet diplomat Viktor Semianov (Did i get his name right? Correct me if i'm wrong please), send Sadat a forged "Military Intelligent" warning that Israel is going to invade Syria in one week time. Not only that but during his interview, Oleg Grenyveski the Soviet Foreign Office back in '67 even have the nerve to say that "I should honestly tell you that we have detailed factual information from the KGB and Military Intelligent about Israeli forces concentration on the border with Syria." I laughed at his blatant lie.

But unfortunately the egos of the Arab leaders at that time has proved to be their undoing, they let a piece of false information and their pride drove them to war with Israel and suffer catastrophic result, Nasser lost his dream, East Jerusalem fell to the Israeli's hands, the Palestinian still angry at the newcomers from Israel, not only that but the Soviet were moving in to invade Haifa a port of Israel in a B class Supervillian manner of cleaning up a situation they have started but gone out of control, luckily the US's 6th fleet was there to deter the Russian from making a ballsy move that can spark the third world war. The legacy of the Six Days War, started by the Soviet, have left an Arab world so traumatized that more would turn to militant Islam (ergo Hezbollah and HAMAS) and this so called Kingdom of Heaven is still peaceless. This isn't the first time the Soviet started and leave everlasting trouble in the Middle East, remember Christmas 1979, while we were celebrating the Russian invaded Afghanistan and leave the country in 35 years of ongoing civil war. And the leftish these days said that the US started the war in 2001. What a bunch of cry babies, they just don't want to blame their high and mighty Soviet Union for being the trouble maker of the world.

So what should we do about Jerusalem today? Well, since no one want the other to keep city then let's hand it over to a international governing body of the UN. Or maybe we can applied to the ruling system of the Vatican in Jerusalem so that no one can complain because a neutral third party like the UN is controlling the city and still everyone from every religion can come to the city for pilgrim. So you Arabs and Jews stop bickering one another, if you want to hate someone, hate the USSR, it's their fault for worsening your already volatile and fragile relationship.
Who should the Arabs and Israelis hate?
I've bean hearing a lot of people on the Internet shouting about destroying Israel or calling crazy conspiracy theory about Israel or the Jews are controlling the world whatsoever. But you know what. Enough is enough. Let's stop bickering one another and start working together by pointing out who was the one responsible for destabilizing the fragile Middle East and invoke age old religious hatred toward each other. The one who started issssssss, the Soviet Union.


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Well my vacation was a complete fiasco from the beginning to the end. First day I got car sick then mountain altitude problems. After get into Đ Lạt, I found out that the sight and scenes of the city are actually mediocore to just right. Sure there are beautiful flowers, nice French architecture dated for more than 100 years, and king Bảo Đại's palace will knock you off your shoes (He got himself a nice palace that's more like a presidential palace). But the prices are ridiculous! It's usual here in Vietnam for prices to get heighten so more money can be supplemented from the pocket of gullible tourists. And so my vacation is far too demanding financially and physically, until all the problems of going on vacation have been solved, I will not go on another vacation.

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