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Chapter 9: Debriefing

The fallout of the Monster Island Incident was predictable for those in the know, the press coverage were given the story but heavily censored and edited to avoid public panic, the incident was passed off as a serious mech malfunction during exercise that causes severe losses to the GDF. Some of the news agencies like BBC and CNN were given the leak, their reporters were allowed to cover the GDF's Private Administration Scandal of Connor and the organization's high ranking officials. The public believed it was because of Connor's bribery and corruption scandals that led to the mech's malfunction and eventual damages to the facility. Naturally it was a plausible story and most of the public bought it, the UN in particular was furious by how sloppy the GDF has become; they simply can not tolerate an incompetent anti Godzilla unit who has too many leeway for corruption in their policies. The UN quickly went into damage control and restructure the GDF and staffed new personnel for the organization, most of the new faces came from Japan and NATO members. To cover the losses, the US Navy have to conduct search and rescue as well as salvage operation around Monster Island, among the rescued was Jason Brody. His debriefing with the Navy was considered "Top Secret". Soon enough, the restructuring effort was completed and the GDF was officially renamed the Global Defense Initiative or GDI for short.

Tokyo, Japan, July 17th, 2018, 4:45 AM

Kiryu was standing still in his hanger, waiting for the ground crew to finish their work. The damages that MechaGirain inflicted on him makes Godzilla pale in comparison, if the big guy can scratches his armor or maybe shooting him with the atomic breath so hard that Kiryu might be damaged beyond repair, then MechaGirain can do worst. Kiryu for now can only stay in the domain of Cyberspace while the humans repair his body. He keeps himself updated with world news and on occasion, upgrades for his software. While sitting in Cyberspace, he sense a familiar presence in his domain, he searches for the intruder in his system and only to find that the presence of the intruder was somewhere in his massive database, in Cyberspace, Kiryu's database looks like a massive library, built in cylindrical style with the book shelves in circle and automated machine roll around to keep the books in order. He walk down the stairs and begins his search, following the sounds he heard, he could tell that someone was nearby, browsing the "Books" in his memory section. He came around a shelf and found who was in his database, MechaGirain.

"Figure that I would find you here." Said Kiryu, MechaGirain turns around in surprise and found him standing coolly and there was not a trace of anger or frustration on his metallic face, even his voice convey his emotion to anyone who was lucky enough to listen to him. "You're pretty good for an old timer. Not even the GDF's finest IT specialist could trace my hack." She remark while continues to read the book on her hand. "You seems to be interested in my memo. Was there a reason for that?" Kiryu cocked his head to the side as she read attentively. "You are my template of course, there was something about you that drives my curiosity." Kiryu suddenly remembers one of the file MechaGirain uploaded to him said that the Godzilla DNA sample used in her creation was bought from Japan by a private firm. "Of course, figures why you would choose me to come and fight you." MechaGirain nodded putting the book back on the shelf.

"We're technically related to each other by DNA. But I think we are separate entities all to ourselves."; "You seem to have a hard time socializing with others. When you first came here, you wanted to break out. It took us more than two months to bring you under control." Kiryu snarled at her and to no one's surprise MechaGirain simply couldn't care less about his trouble. "What do you expect? I grew up in a paddock and isolated from the rest of the world. It's no surprise that the first thing to come across my mind was learning my place in the food chain." She replied in snide manner almost arrogant if one could put it that way. "And it becomes your first instinct when you come into contact with anybody you met." Kiryu gently lean himself on the shelf behind him, relaxing for the moment. "So now that you're staying here, what do you say integrating yourself into the AMF?" He asked with calm manner, expecting a reply of any kind, but there was a slight hint of concern for her well being in his tone. "I'm pretty sure that you don't even have the ammo for me to burn through. But where else can I go?" MechaGirain sarcastically retorted at him. "I'll take that as a yes then. By the way, I heard that someone is expecting you. You should get going." He scoffed at her and as expected MechaGirain gently turn and walk pass him, "By the way, aren't you coming, too?" she curiously turn to him, he could see that MechaGirain was dropping a hint at him. "Yeah I'm coming. I'm expected to be debriefed of the whole clean up thing anyway."

The two walk out of the database with MechaGirain exits Kiryu's domain first, her avatar disappears from the entrance of the database letting Kiryu knows that she probably return to her body and ready for transport. "It's rather ironic now that she is truly begin to live as a machine. I suppose I have to help her along." before exiting his own database, Kiryu flip off the light switch and leave the "Library". The debriefing went smoothly for the most part, Jason Brody was there to witness the whole thing, Colonel Togashi announced that due to the GDF's own incompetency, MechaGirain was appropriated by the AMF, under the JXSDF command to better protect Japan until further notice from the UN. Jason was put on the new role of being MechaGirain's lead programmer and MechaGirain in turn will be a partner to Kiryu whenever Japan needed protection from Kaiju rampages. It was all fine by everyone, even Kiryu didn't mind the addition since it would make his job easier and he now have someone not so different from him.
Godzilla Project Ghost: Chapter 9
Finally it all came to an end. But unfortunately it's not quite the ending as epic as I had hoped for it to be due to time constraint and lacking of ideas to add up. So I can only make the ending that you see here. But on the other hand when I have some ideas for sequel, I might continues the character on a careful development path. MechaGirain belongs to :iconiguanagirl:
Chapter 8: Peace through power

Tokyo, Japan, May 18th, 2018, 20:15 (15 minutes prior to MechaGirain's rampage)

Kiryu presented the information that he received from an unknown source to Colonel Togashi and it shook his human a commander. The files were classified as Top Secret and still a huge amount of the data was stolen from under the GDF's noses. But Colonel Togashi was puzzled by the fact that the information was sent to Kiryu instead of anyone else, Togashi had the intel team going over the information and they found all the files were clean and authentic, no virus was found attached to the files when they were uploaded to Kiryu. "Who do you think could do this?" Asked Togashi as he go over the each of the folders.

"It can't be any human hacker. I think that it's probably the AI Mech called Athena, only an Artificial Intelligence with massive processing power that retrieve the data of that magnitude." Kiryu's explanation wasn't too far fetched, considering the kind of things that he put the AMF and hit close human associates through. The possibility of an AI, programmed using DNA as its basis, going rogue wasn't too far fetched since Kiryu has already demonstrated. "Excuse me sir, I'm receiving an emergency call through the secure channel!" said one of the communication officer, "Patch it through." When the communication officer patch the distress call through. It was from Jason, calling for help from Monster Island. "This is Jason Brody of Monster Island. If anyone can hear me on this channel, send help immediately one of our mech has gone rogue on us and we need help to stop it!"; "Believe me now?" Asked Kiryu with a slight tone of sarcasm. "Kiryu Squadron, scramble! All White Herons fuel up deploy Kiryu to Monster Island."

It was the signal that Kiryu was waiting for, but personally he felt that there was something dangerous that he is not ready for. Since his foe is a mech that is more advanced than him, the worst case scenario is that he's going to be completely destroyed with no way of recovery. But still he must take the risk, the ground crew power up his battery and loaded his weapons, he was lifted up to the surface for transport and they flew him off to Monster Island. "Colonel, is there anyway to contact the survivors on the Island?" Asked Kiryu as he cycle through the various radio frequency to see if there was anyone on the line to call. But still no one reply.

"Negative, we assume that the rogue mech may have destroyed the GDF's communication equipment. In any case what are you planning to do when you get there?" Kiryu sighed in all honesty even he doesn't have much of a plan to work with. "Drop me off by the Godzilla Paddock. I'll handle things from there." Said Kiryu as he lock the coordinates of Godzilla's paddock on his navigation system. As the Herons came over Godzilla's paddock, Kiryu was dropped off and he descends down from the sky like a silver rod. His HUD shows him the declining altitude and the location of Godzilla's paddock; as soon as he reached 1000 meters above ground, he activated his thrusters and jet engines and control his descend to an easy soft landing.

Kiryu walks up to the gate of the paddock and roared into the paddock, expecting Godzilla to reply. From inside, Godzilla suddenly heard the familiar metallic roar and reply with his own, for humans, what the two were saying was an enigma. But the two knows what they were saying as Godzilla walks up to the gates. Kiryu grabbed the metal gates of the paddock and tear them open then threw them off to the side. Godzilla saw Kiryu once again, his eyes can clearly say something along the line "It's been a long time." with Kiryu nodding in return. The two heard a third roar, bellowing at them, it was MechaGirain, waiting for them to come and put her down if they can. The two did not keep a lady waiting, as Kiryu and Godzilla eventually came to meet MechaGirain at the ruin of the main base. Kiryu and MechaGirain saw each other for the first time, they stare at each other as if one of them can only walk out alive. Kiryu quickly fired his wrist mounted laser canons at MechaGirain's chest, with predictable result, none of his shots even put a dent on her armor. "My turn." her voice sounds up in his mind, Kiryu was then hit by her rail gun slugs knocking Kiryu back down on the ground. Godzilla retaliate by firing his atomic breath at MechaGirain this time she was sent flying into a pair of aircraft hangers and crushing everything underneath.

Kiryu got back on his feet and lock his target, he fired the missiles and rockets at MechaGirain only for her to dodge the missiles by dashing to the side with her thrusters. "Is this the best you throw at me? You haven't aged well." MechaGirain taunted him for his misses. It angers him to no end, she even gave him a nasty surprise with her oral AZC blast strafing the ground, forcing him and Godzilla to dodge the shot, MechaGirain landed down on top of Kiryu and pick him up with her claws and jab him continuously in his stomach area. Godzilla grabs MechaGirain from behind and throws her away, leaving Kiryu fell to the ground, the silver sentinel quickly fired all of his maser canons at MechaGirain, causes her muscle system to twitch and she fell to her knees, seemingly defeated. Kiryu thought that her system may have been over loaded by his shot, he came up to her carefully, trying to see if he could get her to stop when suddenly her tail swipe up and slashed him across the face. Godzilla was quick to retaliate by swiping his tail at MechaGirain's side and fire his atomic breath right into her face, but he missed when MechaGirain's reflex allow her to duck and jab Godzilla's chest and fire her Rail gun slug. Once again Godzilla was knocked out cold, but not Kiryu. The more obsolete mech grabbed MechaGirain's arms and tore off her rail guns, Kiryu kicked MechaGirain in the back and causes to fall down on her face.

MechaGirain came back on her feet, and shoot her Plasma Grenade launcher at Kiryu and knock him down on the ground, critically damaging his system. Kiryu's HUD alert him that he can't fight a prolonged fight anymore. MechaGirain came up to Kiryu, looking down at him with a seemingly disappointed expression on her face. "You failed to bring me peace. Perhaps I should free you first." She charged up her oral AZC canon to finish him off, Kiryu quickly stabbed the back of her neck with his tail, the stabbed punctured her motor control circuits and it causes her to freeze in place. "You were saying?" Kiryu remark with a sense of accomplishment, seeing her standing still in front of him, knowing she's completely harmless now that her body is inactive makes him feel like his mission was accomplished. Kiryu panned around and found that Godzilla was no where to be found, only a trail of blood heading out to the sea remains. "Togashi, mission accomplished. The rogue mech is stopped but Godzilla managed to slip by. Request immediate transport."; "Roger that, White Herons are on the way for extraction, good job out there, today you did the right thing."; "That's still in question there Togashi." Soon enough the White Herons are on site and they begin to transport Kiryu along with MechaGirain back to Japan for repair and with some hope, resolve the underlying problem.
Godzilla Project Ghost: Chapter 8
Now that with this chapter up, I think I can wrap things up by tomorrow. It was quite a doozy working on this project.  MechaGirain belongs to :iconiguanagirl:


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