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You guys know what? I can't take this anymore, i really, really can't take this anymore. All over the internet people just whined about things like American Imperialist or praising things like destroy Israel, liberate Jerusalem from the Jews something like that. But you know what, i'm gonna give you guys a straight answer to why the shouters of those phrases are so dumb and paranoid. Because they're jealous! Jealous of America having a better average living standard than the other third world countries, jealous about the US's wealth and not only that, they're jealous about the Jews being the most intelligent people on the planet, the average Jews has an IQ of 110 while a normal person's IQ is 100. That means the Jews are slightly smarter than us, and their vast knowledge about a lot matters like mathematics, astronomy, philosophy, economy or even military is the reason why Israel is such a powerful nation in the Middle East while then the Muslim Wahhabists are whining that they can't catch up with the Israelis in anything, then use some oh so noble excuses to justify their demand for exterminating Jews people everywhere.

Not only the Arabs have an immortal hatred toward the Jews for reasons we don't need to remind because we have already known, but the Communist and Nazis all hating Israel as well for no particular reasons that can be called understandable or even tolerable at all. The Commies hate Israel not because its an allied to the US but that's because their ironic god, Karl Marx hate the Jews (Karl Marx is a Jewish German which is pretty ironic), Lenin and Stalin hate the Jews. The Nazis hate the Jews because Hitler their bossman said so. Seriously this jealousy must come to an end because if its persists then the Middle East won't have any peace or stability in the conceivable future. But first we need go back in time. To when you may ask? To the days of Gamal Abdel Nasser of course! The day of Arab Nationalism! Hooray! Back in the 50s and 60s the Arabs everywhere were really happy to have Gamal Abdel Nasser as a sort of like Salah Al Din of the modern day to unite them in a great Pan Arab nation that's secular, socialist and strong. That was until that dream came to a smashing end during the Six Days War between Israel and its Arab neighbors like Egypt, Syria, Jordan, and some other Arab countries who wants to fight Israel.

But i want to ask you guys something, who started this war? The answer is neither side started this war. No one wants it because to the Israelis if they had started it, they would have been dead. To the Arab if they started the war then Israel would have an even better excuse to fight like they have never fight before. That's when the real show started steps in. The USSR.……

From these documents we can see that the USSR is the real winner of the Six days war that mired the region in decades of occupation, warfare and violence. Why? Because either Israel win or not the Russian can either tied up their relationship with the Arab states as in more dependent on Soviet military exports, or expand their grip of influences in the oil rich Middle East. Back when Israel and Syria were clashing each other over the Golan Height, Israeli Prime Minister Levi Eskol made a speech about the matter. "I hope our northern neighbor would think twice before the entangled themselves in a nasty adventure, which we can not ignore." And then the Soviet took it as a sort of aggression speech. (The paranoid commies of Leonid Brezhnev). When Anwar Sadat went to Moscow and meet his Russian pals the Soviet diplomat Viktor Semianov (Did i get his name right? Correct me if i'm wrong please), send Sadat a forged "Military Intelligent" warning that Israel is going to invade Syria in one week time. Not only that but during his interview, Oleg Grenyveski the Soviet Foreign Office back in '67 even have the nerve to say that "I should honestly tell you that we have detailed factual information from the KGB and Military Intelligent about Israeli forces concentration on the border with Syria." I laughed at his blatant lie.

But unfortunately the egos of the Arab leaders at that time has proved to be their undoing, they let a piece of false information and their pride drove them to war with Israel and suffer catastrophic result, Nasser lost his dream, East Jerusalem fell to the Israeli's hands, the Palestinian still angry at the newcomers from Israel, not only that but the Soviet were moving in to invade Haifa a port of Israel in a B class Supervillian manner of cleaning up a situation they have started but gone out of control, luckily the US's 6th fleet was there to deter the Russian from making a ballsy move that can spark the third world war. The legacy of the Six Days War, started by the Soviet, have left an Arab world so traumatized that more would turn to militant Islam (ergo Hezbollah and HAMAS) and this so called Kingdom of Heaven is still peaceless. This isn't the first time the Soviet started and leave everlasting trouble in the Middle East, remember Christmas 1979, while we were celebrating the Russian invaded Afghanistan and leave the country in 35 years of ongoing civil war. And the leftish these days said that the US started the war in 2001. What a bunch of cry babies, they just don't want to blame their high and mighty Soviet Union for being the trouble maker of the world.

So what should we do about Jerusalem today? Well, since no one want the other to keep city then let's hand it over to a international governing body of the UN. Or maybe we can applied to the ruling system of the Vatican in Jerusalem so that no one can complain because a neutral third party like the UN is controlling the city and still everyone from every religion can come to the city for pilgrim. So you Arabs and Jews stop bickering one another, if you want to hate someone, hate the USSR, it's their fault for worsening your already volatile and fragile relationship.
Who should the Arabs and Israelis hate?
I've bean hearing a lot of people on the Internet shouting about destroying Israel or calling crazy conspiracy theory about Israel or the Jews are controlling the world whatsoever. But you know what. Enough is enough. Let's stop bickering one another and start working together by pointing out who was the one responsible for destabilizing the fragile Middle East and invoke age old religious hatred toward each other. The one who started issssssss, the Soviet Union.
Chapter 7: Evacuation

Outskirt of Tbillisi, capital of Zagoria.

August 24th, 9:45

Gird: 093268712456

Situation: The Knothole Freedom Fighter must gather what's left of the Coalition of Mobian Aid to the Kingdom of Acorn's embassy in the city center for evacuation.

Weather: Clear

Force Estimation:

+BLUFOR: 1 Mechanized Battalion

+OPFOR: 2 Armored Battalion, 1 Frontal Aviation Regiment

Amadeus Prower's Briefing: The situation went mighty FUBAR within just three days, we can't fight the Russkies head on right now. We need to regroup and evacuate as many friendlies as possible. Our evac center is at the Kingdom of Acorn's embassy building in the center of town. But you'll need to move fast to get an evac our window is closing by the minutes the Russians have set up air defense and SAM sites around town to threaten our bird and their arties have been shelling the city days and night. Your first objective is to pick up a small patrol of our GUN allies, they reported that their vehicle broke down in the middle of the road in the outskirt. Also they said that they've been spotted by Russian troops around them. Once you've secure them, move to the embassy for safe evac. Good luck and godspeed.

Geoffrey St John's intel: You'll be fighting from streets to streets, house to house so bring along assault rifles for fast movers, LMG for suppressive fire, and heavy fire power like grenade launchers and HE frags to clear out buildings and its interiors. Also you don't have much air support and artillery support is a no go given the current situation. You'll have to make do with whatever you got. Mainly IFVs and cavalry tanks.

On the outskirt of Tibillisi, the capital of Zagori, the highways are cramped with convoys of retreating Coalition forces fleeing from the might of the Red Army. Lines and lines of command vehicle, ambulances, tanks and APCs and IFVs. All multitudes of war running for safety in their Blue Zone. In the courtyard of the Kingdom of Acorn's embassy, an M1130 Command Vehicle's crew were working around the clock to maintain complete command and control over their forces on the defenses of the city buying time to evac litter urgent personel and civilians out of the warzone. "CrimeBoss to all convoy Zulu come in over."; "This is convoy Zulu, we're approaching the city now on route Indiana 45, i count at least 5 vehicles, Humvees and HEMTT trucks over. Shit! We're under fire! Hostiles are coming toward on both flanks, i got two vehicles down already requesting immediate support!"; "We hear you convoy Zulu, support is on the way out."

The commander quickly turns his attention to an icon on his RTS map. he touched the icon of a shock infantry unit, the Knothole Freedom Fighter of Sally Acorn, who were on stand by. "Hunter 2-1 this is Crime Boss, we got friendlies pinned down on route Indiana 45. They need your help move fast and be aggressive."; "Affirmative CrimeBoss, moving with the quickest out." Sally quickly gather up her teammates they mounted up on a Hunter MRAP with a remote control turret on top. They drove out of the city, moving as fast as they can to route I-45, inside the MRAP, the atmosphere was tense, everyone knows that they're surrounded, the enemies outnumbered them 5 to 1, the sight of being evacuated is dangling on a rope and it could snap at anytime. Even Sonic couldn't make a joke to lighten up the situation, he sat next to Tails, looking at the fox boy thinking about how Tails would feel when Sonic when isn't serious. He started to understand why Tails is being so far apart from him, because Tails has grown up, matured a lot from war. He became hardened, calculating, prudent and patience waiting for the most opportuned moment to arise and seize it.

"Tails buddy, i was thinking, that maybe i wasn't good enough for you. Maybe i'm not suitable to you anymore. You're all grown up, you're strong, tough and hardened. And i didn't see that in you, and i was such a jerk to you, i only cared about my ego but never given neither you nor Sal a second thought about your well being. I'm sorry, okay? We're cool?" Tails only gave Sonic a slight glance, the eyes of the golden fox has readiness and battle hardened nature edged firmly in it. "We'll see about that." Tails coldly replied to Sonic then the fox turn back to his weapons and cocked it up, prepares his equipment for battle. As the MRAP came to a stop, all around them they heard the sounds of battle, bullets whistling pass them, or ricochet off the vehicle's hull, Rotor the Walrus was operating the remote control turret from the safety of his seat and bullet proof glass and explosive proof vehicle hull. While then, Sally, Sonic, Tails, Bunny and Antoine disembarked the vehicle and spread out to provide a defensive permitmeter around the stranded convoy. "First Sgt Sally Acorn here what's the situation?" Sally stacked behind a humvee with a soldier of the Kingdom staying low and firing his weapon at the Russians. "Specialist, Hanson at your service ma'am. We're totally screw up, i lost two vehicles in the convoy my guys are either dead or injured. Just only a handful of us left, hope that you can get us out of this hell hole!"; "Get your wounded packed up into the vehicles, we're moving in five!"; "Sir yes sir! You heard the lady, don't just stand there and pick them up!"

The woundeds were then loaded on the remaining vehicles some were stabilized but others were still in crtitical situation, as the evacuation began to take pace, the stranded convoy began to rev up their engines and roll out once again, leaving the Russian paratroopers behind them shooting wildly at the retreating vehicles. "CrimeBoss this is Hunter 2-1. We got the convoy we're rolling back to you now what's the status back there over?"; "Hunter 2-1 this is CrimeBoss, we got the enemies moving from all sides, our forces are heavily engaged. Enemy paratroopers are trying to attack the embassy. Repeat we're under attack and are in dire need of reinforcements!" The sounds of gunfire, shoutings and cursing on the other side of the Cross Com, forced the freedom fighters to move faster and lead the convoy back into the city and back to the embassy. Driving at ever accelerating speed, they dodges rain of artillery shells, the increasing amount of bullets fired by hostile infantries. Once they've got back to the embassy, they disembark their vehicle in front of the embassy leave it to other soldiers to manned. The freedom fighters quickly garrisoned the embassy building with Sally and Sonic on the balcony, Rotor and Tails on the roof and Bunnie and Antoine at the east wing.

"Contact! Hostile infantries coming in from the north!" Tails shouted out where the enemies were coming from then suppressed them with his M416 carbine. Rotor joins in by using his underbarrel grenade launcher and fired a shot at the enemies, the grenade exploded and wiping out a squad. But it wasn't enough, more enemies were coming they suppressed Rotor and Tails on the roof forcing Sonic and Sally must open fire on them, keeping the Russians head down. "Snaipa protivyka! (Enemy snipers!)" the Russians duck behind cars and scramble to covers, hiding behind pillars, trying to find where the shots came from, from the windows next to the balcony, Sonic and Sally where firing their heavy sniper rifles at the swarming Russians. Things rapidly deteriorate as the Russian brought in their mortar and artillery support. "Yesteraye, protavesvoilva. Voltra! Voltra! (Target cooridnates lock, firing barrage now! Splash out! Splash out!" The rain of shells came down, on the embassy's gate, tearing up the landscapes around it and brought down the walls and shake the embassy building. "Hunter 2-1, this is CrimeBoss, we got enemy mortar postion lock on. But they got jammer and a detatchment of anti air squad! We can't get anybody down there, to clear it out over!" The command vehicle operator and Sonic were both distraught by the grim situation they're facing, at how fast the Russians have advanced and their relentless brute force can overwhelmed the most technologically advanced military force on Mobius.

"Then what can we do to dislodge them out without having the embassy ground overrun?!" Sonic asked infuriatedly on the Cross Com, but at that moment, the command vehicle operator was monitoring a situation development, he saw on SAT recon a squad of 6 members were attacking the enemy mortar position with relentless squeed, aggression. Although the image was rather fuzzy because of the jammer but he can see that someone is attacking the Russian to relieve the pressure from Coalition forces but that squad isn't part of the coalition's ground forces. He saw how the Russians fell back and progressively ran away from the park where the mortars were. He saw a figure look like Sonic, but it has some sort of metallic shiny on it, not only that but it also has stick like limbs, it was planting a C4 satchel charge on the jammer and get clear of it. Then the figure detonated the satchel charge and destroy the jammer. It was then that the imagery of the surveilance satelites began to restore to normal, the operator saw the mysterious strike force searching through the bodies of dead officers, when one of them found a hard drive device, and they ran away from the site. Unable to muster any surveilance force to trace their movement, the operator must seal the time frame of the surveilance phootage he saw and send it to Sonic and Sally.

"Hunter 2-1, this is CrimeBoss, we got something here, you might want to see this." The operator send the video phootage to Sonic and Sally on their NARCOM, they saw the video of the strike force went in and out of the city's park where the mortar originated from, they baffling at the identity of the mysterious attackers but they were soon have to turn their attention to the Russians as they bring in their T90 tank. The tank roll down the streets to the embassy with its barrel pointing at the building itself ready to fire, "CrimeBoss, this is Overlord, we got CAS strike on the horn, flight of two A164 Wipeout, callsign Thunderbolt, standing by for close air support. Over."; "CrimeBoss good copy, marking targets for airstrikes now over." The command vehicle operator tap the red icon of the enemy T90 tanks on the command map screen confirming the GPS coordinates of the target to the A164, "Roger that CrimeBoss, GPS and target ID are confirmed. Coming hot now." The two stealth tank busters jets came down on top of the T90 tank and its supporting vehicles, the pilots squeeze their triggers and mow down the armored column with their strafing run, then they came around with a air to ground missile strike, decimating the remaining vehicles. "Crime Boss this is Thunderbolt, targets are confirmed toast, we're bugging out now."; "Many thanks Thunderbolt, we're evacuating our forces now, thank god that you were there to save our asses."

Eventually, within the space of 4 hours, the freedom fighters and the remaining Coalition forces were evacuated from the city, by the air cav formations. Most of the men were battered and demoralized at their defeat, but for others especially Sally, this is the beginning of a new World War. One that have been predicted but never knew when it will starts. For a moment of quiet on their V35 Valkyrie VTOL transport, Sally wrote a letter to her brother at home Elias Acorn, ruling king of the Kingdom of Acorn. "Dear Elias, i'm writing to tell you that i'm still alive and well. Right now the men and i are being delivered back to the fleet in the Black Sea, and most of us are really demoralized, this is the beginning of a new World War. I don't know if i'm going to make it through it. I wonder how is daddy doing, if he's getting better from his sickness or not. Tell them i love them and be strong and be a great king like daddy used to Elias, and most of all be a good husband and father to your wife and child. Your loving sister, Sally Acorn."
Medal of Acorn Red Ghost: Chapter 7
The war is off to a very bad start to the Coalition forces, as they have been pushed back hard into the capital city and must now evacuate before they are doom by the rapid envelopment of the Russian invaders. 


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Former USSOCOM operative namely the Navy SEAL, after having an extensive tour of duty fighting terrorists and PLA militia units, i joined deviantART to find a different life for myself, hoping that i can do something outside the battlefield.

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Well my vacation was a complete fiasco from the beginning to the end. First day I got car sick then mountain altitude problems. After get into Đ Lạt, I found out that the sight and scenes of the city are actually mediocore to just right. Sure there are beautiful flowers, nice French architecture dated for more than 100 years, and king Bảo Đại's palace will knock you off your shoes (He got himself a nice palace that's more like a presidential palace). But the prices are ridiculous! It's usual here in Vietnam for prices to get heighten so more money can be supplemented from the pocket of gullible tourists. And so my vacation is far too demanding financially and physically, until all the problems of going on vacation have been solved, I will not go on another vacation.

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