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I've been asked by some readers to make a sequel to Project Ghost and to be honest, I am genuinely surprise that the MechaGirain origin story is well received by readers and so I've decided to satisfied their demand and write a sequel. But the hardest part for me to handle is to decide what kind of sequel to write, after some re-watch of the older Godzilla movies I think I've come up with some basic ideas for a sequel.

Chapter 1: The signs
Tokyo, Japan, September 23rd, 2018
The air is filled with smoke and death, as skyscrapers fall to rubble and the pedestrians run in fear of their devour, the wings of destruction reveal themselves. The King of Monsters, Godzilla, lumbers forward and proceed to rip apart various buildings in the Shinagawa area. He picks apart one area after another, sending its inhabitants running in fear. The JXSDF scramble their best units to stop the Kaiju only to have them send back as scraps or battered men. There is nothing to stop Godzilla from ravaging Tokyo, until, something hit his side and sending the mutant crashing into a shopping mall. He roars out in agony and anger then get back on his feet to face his opponent. To his surprise, his opponent for the day is once again, MechaGirain.
The female mechagodzilla stands firm with her weapons loaded and ready for bear; her mouth bare open and her tail sway from side to side making it clear that Godzilla won't get away scot'free. He lumbers forward and fires his atomic breath at MechaGirain. The beam hit her chest hard and pushes her back a few steps before she stand firm in front of him. "My turn." She confidently lunges at Godzilla's stomach with her right fist and jab his chest with increasing pace. Godzilla focus his attention on her movement and grab her fist as it was going for his chin. His tail swipes MechaGirain's across her face and she falls into a baseball stadium next to her. Godzilla bellows out his signature roar and stomps MechaGirain with his feet, he try to claw his way into her core only to be overturned and received a shot of her oral AZC into his chest. This pushes him off of her chest and MechaGirain follow it up with a huge hail of missiles from her hexagonal missile packs and it daze Godzilla.
The dinosaur grab a nearby building and hurl it at MechaGirain only to see her dodges it and quickly swipe her tail across his face, leaving him with a huge scar across his cheek. MechaGirain focuses her view on something shining underneath Godzilla's supposed impervious hides, the metallic shine got her attention and this leave her vulnerable for "Godzilla" to let loose another atomic breath on her but even this is not fast enough as MechaGirain leap off and dodge his shot. "Something's not right. My sensors can't pick up nuclear radiation from his body. This is definitely not Godzilla." MechaGirain thinks as she hide behind some ruins. Suddenly, the sound of missiles descends down on top of her and she didn't fire those missiles in the first place! "What?!" She panned upward and to her surprise a huge hail of small missiles is coming down on her and she fired off her oral AZC, shattering the majority of the missiles leaving the remaining few to fly off and detonated harmlessly in different directions thanks to her ECM.
"I knew it. There was something not right about Godzilla, I need to peel off the mask." She dashes out to meet him in battle once again, only to be knock off her feet by "Godzilla", his fight style is now even more surreal as he grabs her arms and pin her down on the ground. She can feel the strength of the creature bearing down on her but at the same time, she can feel its metallic grip on her wrists. "So this thing is a machine, disguised as Godzilla. That would explain why the tail was sluggish." MechaGirain's analysis is right on the money since she can feel her tail can still freely resist the Kaiju's rear appendage. She raises her tail up and impale "Godzilla" in the back and the creature jerks its head upward but it didn't growl in pain like a normal organic being. "Now's my chance!" MechaGirain quickly shoves her foe off of her and fire her rail guns at his face, the slugs begin to tear off the costume and reveal what's underneath, a MechaGodzilla but this one looks rather edgy with razor sharp teeth and amber optics. The MechaGodzilla facing her is definitely alien in nature which would explain why its metallic shell can withstand her punishments, however she notice that its rampage in Tokyo doesn't have any rhythm or reason, let alone a clear goal. Her has been trying to rationale the situation but no typical Kaiju logic can give her the definite answer.
MechaGodzilla fires his eye beams and his oral canon at MechaGirain and naturally she dodged those attacks by running around the mechanical menace, to her surprise its head can rotate independently from its body and the beams can chase her to a status quo. MechaGirain quickly fires off her rail gun slugs at MechaGodzilla's eyes and it daze the robot. Retaliation soon ensured, the body of MechaGodzilla is engulfed in a glowing and blinding blue light, electricity surges up and then and huge blast follow; it knocks MechaGirain unconscious and MechaGodzilla flies away when it doesn't see any opposition anymore. She lies still on the ground, unable to move, her eyes are unlit and entire body has gone limbed. Within her mind, there is only darkness once again she is inside the empty void that she curse. There is little she can do to escape but to let her mind freeze and wait for something to happen, something to get her up on her feet again.
Her mind soon comes back to life, apparently time has flied by while she was out. But something is out of place, she check the time and to her surprise, it's only 4:55AM. 6 hours since her deactivation for maintenance. Was it all a dream? It could be, and frankly it's the only answer that make sense to her. Her HUD comes online with all the usual functions; she pan around and find that she is still inside her hanger and there has been no report of attack in Tokyo. Only that tomorrow morning she is due for a combat exercise with Kiryu, "Well at least I wasn't pulverized by some EMP blast. Might as well get some sleep while I can." She goes into her sleep mode and rest until morning. As the dawn comes, the JXSDF and the newly expanded Kiryu Squadron prepare for their scheduled combat exercise. The humans have their mecha units loaded to maximum and open the hatches of their underground hangers. The two mechagodzillas are lifted to the surface with the White Herons overhead prepare to bring them to the firing range. The eyes of both MechaGirain and Kiryu lit up and on their system all report full integrity, the White Herons lowered down their cables to the mecha units neck and tail and attach to the magnetic locks.
The two gigantic mech are lifted into the air and transported over to the nearby firing range, MechaGirain can feel the wind blowing against her metallic face and the calm breeze of early morning, the mountains and rolling hills underneath her give her the interest in a life that she never had. A life that is simple and devoid of all the madness that she must endure now. The White Herons gently settle the two down on their starting position and detach the cables from their necks, the aircrafts then position themselves behind the mech units as standard procedure dictate and leave them to their job. "Commencing exercise." The PA announced and the targets popped up for MechaGirain and Kiryu to take, the first rows of targets on a hill is soon demolished by Kiryu's precision missile attacks, followed up by his own maser canons. "First target lane destroy, moving on to the second." Col. Togashi instructed on his coms as he observe the two mech march forward and continues their exercise destroying various targets on the firing range.
But as the exercise is drawing to a close, something strange caught the eyes of the radar operators, a strange flying object is heading towards the JXSDF base at the speed of Mach 3 not only that but the object has strange shape and appearance with what appear to hooked appendages. "Attention Kiryu Squadron, we've detected an unidentified flying object heading towards Haneda International Airport. Return to base for a quick rearm and head out to intercept." The division's leader said with a grim tone, colonel Togashi promptly heeded the command and pack up his units. "Understood command. Kiryu, MechaGirain, we need to head back for rearm. Looks like we got an interception on our hand."; "Understood colonel. We're ready for pick up when you are so let's get this show on the road." MechaGirain said excitedly, she has been dying for some action for quite sometimes. The two are quickly transported back to their hangers for the ground crew to do their job and load up their ammo.
Meanwhile at Haneda Int. Airport, the mysterious monster has finally revealed itself as it lands on the middle of the runway, obstructing several aircrafts at once. The towering monster has two hooks in place of its hands and a gigantic chainsaw built into its chest. Its charcoal dark body has some gliding wings on its back and a red optic that it use to shoot laser cluster at the tarmac building. Civilians run and cower in fear as the monstrous creature dash forward and smash up the airport with impunity. Countless aircrafts are destroyed as the Military try to intercept the creature, only to be chop to pieces. But as the monster celebrates its victory, a shower of laser hit its back and causes it to stumble forward. The monster turns around only be greeted by a metallic fist to the face and it send the monster flying to the front entrance of the airport and landed on its back. Kiryu balls up his fist once again and stand ready to engage, the alien monster got back on his feet and it shriek in a metallic tone at Kiryu, taunting him to go first.
"You're not from around these parts, might as well make you part of the landscape then." Said Kiryu. He fires his missiles at the monster but its agility allows it to dodge his missile attacks and dash towards him with his hooks about to thrust deep into Kiryu's metallic chest. Suddenly a blue beam of energy hit the monster on its side and send it crashing and rolling into the nearby buildings, "You really need to check the city's garrison the next time you return." MechaGirain taunted the creature as she prepare to join the fight. The creature quickly launches its grabbling hooks around MechaGirain's neck and reel her into his built in chainsaw, she grabs the hook cables with her talons and slash them off then fire her rail gun slugs at its face. The creature dodges her shots and slash both of the mech's chests with his claws; he leaps behind MechaGirain and hold her hostage from behind, "We know what you want..." The monster cooed into her audio sensor, MechaGirain is apparently curious at the we that the monster refers to but even more so when she heard that "They" know what she want.
"Stand still!" Shouted Kiryu on the coms, MechaGirain snaps her attention back to reality and see that Kiryu fired his maser canon at the monster's head, knocking it off of MechaGirain, freeing her to do what she want with it. But when MechaGirain try to take on the monster herself, it has already fly off into space leaving the two to scratch their heads. "What was that thing?" MechaGirain asked Kiryu, he stroke his chin and dusted himself before answering her questions. "Beats me. Whatever it was, I think it wants to test us, see how will we react to attacks." Said Kiryu. As the day draws to a close, the government have to rebuild the airport and repair some of the damaged buildings along with handling all sorts of human and property damages while then Kiryu and MechaGirain are brought back to base for a debrief.
Project Ghost: The four horsemen
After the suprising success of the last story I've decided to write up a sequel because MechaGirain still has a lot of room to expand into. But this one is expected to be slower pace than the last one so I can focus on providing some extra details and develop the characters as much as possible. MechaGirain is shared character between me and :iconiguanagirl:
Chapter 9: Debriefing

The fallout of the Monster Island Incident was predictable for those in the know, the press coverage were given the story but heavily censored and edited to avoid public panic, the incident was passed off as a serious mech malfunction during exercise that causes severe losses to the GDF. Some of the news agencies like BBC and CNN were given the leak, their reporters were allowed to cover the GDF's Private Administration Scandal of Connor and the organization's high ranking officials. The public believed it was because of Connor's bribery and corruption scandals that led to the mech's malfunction and eventual damages to the facility. Naturally it was a plausible story and most of the public bought it, the UN in particular was furious by how sloppy the GDF has become; they simply can not tolerate an incompetent anti Godzilla unit who has too many leeway for corruption in their policies. The UN quickly went into damage control and restructure the GDF and staffed new personnel for the organization, most of the new faces came from Japan and NATO members. To cover the losses, the US Navy have to conduct search and rescue as well as salvage operation around Monster Island, among the rescued was Jason Brody. His debriefing with the Navy was considered "Top Secret". Soon enough, the restructuring effort was completed and the GDF was officially renamed the Global Defense Initiative or GDI for short.

Tokyo, Japan, July 17th, 2018, 4:45 AM

Kiryu was standing still in his hanger, waiting for the ground crew to finish their work. The damages that MechaGirain inflicted on him makes Godzilla pale in comparison, if the big guy can scratches his armor or maybe shooting him with the atomic breath so hard that Kiryu might be damaged beyond repair, then MechaGirain can do worst. Kiryu for now can only stay in the domain of Cyberspace while the humans repair his body. He keeps himself updated with world news and on occasion, upgrades for his software. While sitting in Cyberspace, he sense a familiar presence in his domain, he searches for the intruder in his system and only to find that the presence of the intruder was somewhere in his massive database, in Cyberspace, Kiryu's database looks like a massive library, built in cylindrical style with the book shelves in circle and automated machine roll around to keep the books in order. He walk down the stairs and begins his search, following the sounds he heard, he could tell that someone was nearby, browsing the "Books" in his memory section. He came around a shelf and found who was in his database, MechaGirain.

"Figure that I would find you here." Said Kiryu, MechaGirain turns around in surprise and found him standing coolly and there was not a trace of anger or frustration on his metallic face, even his voice convey his emotion to anyone who was lucky enough to listen to him. "You're pretty good for an old timer. Not even the GDF's finest IT specialist could trace my hack." She remark while continues to read the book on her hand. "You seems to be interested in my memo. Was there a reason for that?" Kiryu cocked his head to the side as she read attentively. "You are my template of course, there was something about you that drives my curiosity." Kiryu suddenly remembers one of the file MechaGirain uploaded to him said that the Godzilla DNA sample used in her creation was bought from Japan by a private firm. "Of course, figures why you would choose me to come and fight you." MechaGirain nodded putting the book back on the shelf.

"We're technically related to each other by DNA. But I think we are separate entities all to ourselves."; "You seem to have a hard time socializing with others. When you first came here, you wanted to break out. It took us more than two months to bring you under control." Kiryu snarled at her and to no one's surprise MechaGirain simply couldn't care less about his trouble. "What do you expect? I grew up in a paddock and isolated from the rest of the world. It's no surprise that the first thing to come across my mind was learning my place in the food chain." She replied in snide manner almost arrogant if one could put it that way. "And it becomes your first instinct when you come into contact with anybody you met." Kiryu gently lean himself on the shelf behind him, relaxing for the moment. "So now that you're staying here, what do you say integrating yourself into the AMF?" He asked with calm manner, expecting a reply of any kind, but there was a slight hint of concern for her well being in his tone. "I'm pretty sure that you don't even have the ammo for me to burn through. But where else can I go?" MechaGirain sarcastically retorted at him. "I'll take that as a yes then. By the way, I heard that someone is expecting you. You should get going." He scoffed at her and as expected MechaGirain gently turn and walk pass him, "By the way, aren't you coming, too?" she curiously turn to him, he could see that MechaGirain was dropping a hint at him. "Yeah I'm coming. I'm expected to be debriefed of the whole clean up thing anyway."

The two walk out of the database with MechaGirain exits Kiryu's domain first, her avatar disappears from the entrance of the database letting Kiryu knows that she probably return to her body and ready for transport. "It's rather ironic now that she is truly begin to live as a machine. I suppose I have to help her along." before exiting his own database, Kiryu flip off the light switch and leave the "Library". The debriefing went smoothly for the most part, Jason Brody was there to witness the whole thing, Colonel Togashi announced that due to the GDF's own incompetency, MechaGirain was appropriated by the AMF, under the JXSDF command to better protect Japan until further notice from the UN. Jason was put on the new role of being MechaGirain's lead programmer and MechaGirain in turn will be a partner to Kiryu whenever Japan needed protection from Kaiju rampages. It was all fine by everyone, even Kiryu didn't mind the addition since it would make his job easier and he now have someone not so different from him.
Godzilla Project Ghost: Chapter 9
Finally it all came to an end. But unfortunately it's not quite the ending as epic as I had hoped for it to be due to time constraint and lacking of ideas to add up. So I can only make the ending that you see here. But on the other hand when I have some ideas for sequel, I might continues the character on a careful development path. MechaGirain belongs to :iconiguanagirl:


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